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Personal maid/servant


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Hi there


Does anyone know if there's an NPC mod available that gives you a female maid / servant you can place in non-vanilla player homes. I use AFT and know you can tell all followers “dismissed but stay around”, but usually they just sit down and eat or just lounge around.

I want a servant/maid who actually plays the part and walks around doing every day household chores like sweeping, stoking the fire, stirring the cooking pot and chopping firewood etc. You must be able to place them in add-on homes.




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Hi and welcome to the Loverslab forums !


I don't know much about a mod that would force a NPC to do house chores, but I know one that add an NPC in Breezehome, actually when you start the game she hangs around Whiterun and she's most of the time located at the marketplace, or else she'll be at Breezehome. I don't pay much attention to her, but she's a nice addition and she spent quite some time in the cooking pot haha.



Here, she's called Abigail and is Imperial, she also come with a maid outfit :





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In this instance, NPCs use markers according to how their current packages are flagged.  Usually the package's location is centered on an X Marker and has a radius (256, 512, etc.)  Depending on the package flags, any idle marker or special furniture in that radius will be used by the NPC.  Think Alvor in Riverwood and how he moves from the forge to the table to the grinding stone, to leaning against a post.  During the day his wife will sweep and garden using the same type of process.

It all depends on the AI packages running at that time, how they are flagged, and what furniture/idle markers are available.  If the packages has no flags or if there are no idle markers or special furniture in range, the NPC will use regular furniture and sit around, drinking from that empty mug and munching on bread.  An example of that is all of the vanilla housecarls.  All they do is play musical chairs and eat.


'My home is your home' will fit the bill to get NPCs to stay put, but it will not make them do chores.

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Hi Kendo 2


I understand what you're saying.

The followers I've been using earlier will interact with their surroundings, Sweep the floor, stir the cooking pot, warm thier hands by the fire etc.

I only really wanted an NPC with a more advanced form of 'musical chairs' as you put it that would give a bit of life to my home.


I've followed Bloodfangs suggestion and downloaded Abigail the maid and My home is your home, so I guess I'll make do with that.


Thaks for replying.



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