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exclude NPCs from being stalked?

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I'm looking for a way to exclude individual NPCs from being targeted by Joburg, namely the children added by moDems City Life. I know about the option to forbid sex for all NPCs from selected mods, but I'd like to keep the option for the adult NPCs, if possible.

Is there any way to do this?

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Tried to edit Joburg Realistic Edition by adding blocks for moDems City Life's ChildFaction but the CS crashes when I try to save with both mods loaded :-/ .

Is there a way to reference factions from unloaded mods? That would really make my day.

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LoversPK has a clothing item that you may add to NPC that you do not want to be attacked or raped called xLoversPkrDisableH.


NPC.additem xLoversPkrDisableH 1


in a script will do it.


NPC.removeitem xLoversPkrDisableH 1


will disable this so that can be raped.


providing that the mod uses


if Call xLoversCmnIsReady NPC1

if Call xLoversCmnIsReady NPC2


to safe check before starting sex this works pretty well. You may occasionally get the pop up Npc so so so unable to start sex with NPC whats his name.


because scripts shoots through to fast for function call, but other than that it will stop the npc from getting raped.



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it will work on any sex that is called by loversPK.


the only draw back are, you will have to add LoverPK dependancy to your mod in the tes4 construction set.


and put up with the occasional pop up Xme, unable to start sex with zme [OK] window. where the mod did not use


if Call xLoversCmnIsReady NPC1

if Call xLoversCmnIsReady NPC2


before instigation of the sex act.


this can still occasionally pop up, as other things will cause it, but its not a killer, if its not every few seconds. just click the [OK] button, and go on.

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Hi, work with also PC if type player.additem ... ?


in some situation block key dont have effect and dont work correctly :s


if i have this item the NPC dont stalked my pc?


or there are other function for LPK? i have probably missed...


sorry for my very bad english eheh


thanks :)


EDIT: mmm ok i'm noob ghgh... i have deactivate rapes and joburg..

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