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  1. Hello there are a mod for this two new outfit? The name is Destiny Child Davi and Destiny Child Mona, i've found only the "Awekened" vrs of this, and not a "Normal" Very Thanks
  2. It's same problem i've already post, i think some mod (most by knight) its not compatible with Marie body, for all other girl is ok, but for Marie no But just use other costume and this texture is wonderful! EDIT: you can try mix knigh mod with other mod, i use this system, for example for base white lace nude costumes you can find it on forum, and with it Marie look perfect! Remember this is first release and the author have shared because most people ask for it! We need just wait final release
  3. Very thanks for your fantastic work! Its amazing!!! I've see only small issues with certain costumes only for Marie Rose, for example Luminous Plume and Melty Heart: But probally is the mod not compaible and not related to your textures! I love you for fantastic works ❤️
  4. Hello, thanks for this! i've "merged" .ini for no top and no panties, if someone want top or panties, just need add " ; " first of line (sorry for my bad english) here the .ini: commonfull.ini
  5. Hello anyone can help me with Misaki School? I use mod Minazuki School vrs 1.3 on Steam. Thanks!
  6. Hello anyone can help me with this issue on Misaki School? I use minazuki vrs 1.3 on Steam. Thanks!
  7. Hello anyone can help me with Misaki School? I use vrs 1.3 on Steam. Thanks!
  8. Hello i've this issues on Misaki Hoodie: I used Hi-Metal textures (no new v4). Any suggestion or fix? Thanks
  9. Hello @kunobanget, I think is because your mod for Kasumi its by minazuki who use Hi-Metal skin textures and Misaki mod its by Knight77 who use their own textures, try same mod made by minazuki on both girls, and look if you have same issues. (in your screeen you can see also a small difference on pussy). Cheers 😍
  10. No, need only find right version because Steam Update it's about a year behind, so almost recent vrs for DMM dont work but if you install older vrs works good (Square Bikini is an example.. first i've 1.31, and now with today update i've 2.0.1) and ALL its right! i've all mod here on LL and/or VVModManager and works perfect.
  11. Yes, Steam now needed momo1214 Square Bikini vrs 2.0.1 and for Fluffy Foam need minazuki update vrs 1.2 (common and honoka, for marie need to find for test... 😭... i really want my loving Marie 🥰 i hope in a luck gatcha)
  12. @backlvlv for Wedding Dress on steam use this: Works fine for me and works with all wedding dress, not only Misaki, but also Kasumi, Helena, etc. Cheers
  13. @kingbogah Hello i've the SSR.Event.Yurufuwa.Parka mod for Honoka i've download here on LL, but i dont remember page or autor i've download a long time ago and i cant find it with "search".. but in steam is out now and i've find costumes for Honoka, the readme says is based on minazuki mod. However i've this small issues glitch: This is the code of mod: There are a way to hide "zip" or is in "model" and i cant hide? i share the mod and i hope @minazuki or anyone can help to fix glitch, if not possible or not time, dont warry, thanks anyway ^^ SSR_Event_Yurufuwa_Parka (honoka).zip
  14. There are alot of model on devianart and pixiv, but i dont know if its possible import this model in game with blender or something... i dont know this parts of modding i hope to see finally some nude model and/or also skimpy outfit for detroit and beyond 🤤
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