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an apology


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hello, all. I am making this as a simple post to apologize for offending any of you out there with recent posts I have made. I am very sorry for angering any of you by requesting a mod be made. My goal was not to cause an issue, but get the ball rolling and see who would make something similar to the mod I was thinking of. I, however, should have taken the time to learn how to mod a lot better and create the thing myself.

however, we are all noobs to everything at at least one point or another in our lifes. Please try to understand that modding is very new to me, and that I was simply trying to give an idea for other modders to use. It wasnt my goal to beg the community for a mod.

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We forgive, we forget. I think the hostile reaction to it, and some of that could've been toned down a little btw, is based on the assumption that it hadn't got done because we're somehow against it. We're not. It's just that everybody works on their own things and there's literally no time at all to do something else, especially something that at best you're only moderately interested in. The people working on A aren't be responsible for nobody working on B. We welcome whoever's willing to roll up their sleeves to work on any letter of the alphabet though. I'm sure when I first arrived here I made one or two posts with grand ideas about how things *should* be done. Then I actually started doing some of that, which was a lot more helpful. I hope ;)

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I didn't think anyone was "against" it. The original post, distilled, was "please do this mod because I want it, but I don't know how to mod and don't have time to learn." The impression that made was "I don't have the time to do this, but you do -- if you'd just stop spending your time on other things. Now, I'm going to go spend my time doing what I want while you also spend your time doing what I want."

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