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Backsteppo Clothing Port New Vegas V3 / MyClothcollection Port New Vegas V2

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Decide to put both links here,


http://www.adrive.com/public/mxwmCU.html (Backsteppo Clothing Port)


http://www.adrive.com/public/EW86jt.html (MyClothingCollection Port)


Decided to port all of Backsteppos work from Fallout 3 over To New Vegas.

I tried with the Nexus but they refused, so decided to share with you guys and gals....

All original readme's are in there as my own, claiming I am not original author only a porter......You will find a hatch behind prospector saloon in there you will find some chests or footlockers with the weapons and clothing to armour, also there is weapons and caps that were put in there when I tested and was playing so you can leave them alone or take..


This uses the type 3 HD Berry Body and is not compatible with any other body replacer.

I have enclosed a couple of screen shots of some of the items, any probs please let me know so I can rectify this..


Please ignore the teleporter....


Clothing Collection Mod

I decided to convert a clothing mod that was deleted from fallout 3 and New Vegas Nexus after the original creator was banned and file/files deleted, on LoversLab this was brought up as to where this mod had gone, so I decided to port it from Fallout 3 into the New Vegas World. There is 2 trunks as to there whereabouts, B29 Crash site, means right down with the B29 in a trunk.. and the quarry right where mummy Deathclaw is. This took me a long time to port so the Quarry trunk is way hard as Alpha Male and Mummy Deathclaw are set to ghost and bumped there health and attack up.... The B29 trunk is locked, key sits on top.. Any problems please let me know..

Clothing Trunk that's the name of both chests,

Added a couple of pics of the quarry location and a couple of outfits. Don't do nothing special, just makes your Female character look sexy...No DT or AP.


All outfits use the Type3 HD Berry Body.


Only added what pics you see, as site has picture limit...









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So what's the difference between this file and the one in the other thread?



Now a dead link, put both together as the other was in wrong area..

Both links will not be removed from the file sharing as I had a shift around on the site, where I have now started to host my port's..

So decided instead of 2 separate threads, now both in 1..

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My links only stay active for 14 days' date=' then I check for the downloads, and if good I reactivate them, if not they are left..


http://www.adrive.com/public/ksb4dr.html (Backsteppo Clothing Port)






I've been waiting about an hour and a half to download this file...would it be possible to get a mirror?



Edit: I left it on overnight for 6 hours or so and still no file.

Edit 2: I got it.

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Thank you very kindly!




to anyone else downloading this... if you try to install with NMM it gives an error so do a manual install or open the archive and delete the onenote toc file in: \data\Meshes\dlc04\armor\ and it will install just fine with NMM after that

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