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  1. The race is heavily outdated compared to ECE + CME's plethora of new sliders and features. But I'm now back to overhauling the race so that it works with CME. No promises when it will be done since I still have much to do. Unfortunately, I'm unable to package ECE's new tri files along with this race, so users will have to download ECE and extract these files into Lovergirl Race's directories. Instructions on which files to extract and where are currently being written. Luckily, I can provide certain compatibility files (LovergirlRace_slider.ini, commonTri_vertexList.txt) for usage with CME
  2. That's the White Tang Sword from the ANK Castle mod.
  3. Holy shit! She's gorgeous! I too would like to know! Bump! this is one of the most beautiful face I've seen in skyrim. that's love for a woman. One approach would be identifying the body mod in order to narrow the number of possible face textures. Since the neck is covered by the outfit, the face textures could be for a completely different body (unlikely though). An alternative would be trying to identify the face textures directly, but we'd need a full-frontal shot and an expressionless face. Your best choice would be trying out several popular face textures an
  4. I have about 250 mods in my load order, most of which are texture replacers and gameplay enhancements recommended by STEP, as well as armor/weapon/hair mods. My game runs stable for the most part, although the combination of high-res textures and my ENB preset tax my PC. I only use BOSS for discerning incompatibilities, preferring to set my load order manually while following suggestions from mods. Making sure that mods are compatible with one another is a no-brainer. As b3ast1e mentioned, script-intensive mods (ex. those that spawn additional enemies) are known to cause CTDs, especially i
  5. Really sorry for the late reply. Could you post a screenshot of the face if you're still around? The download link has been working all this time unless the Nexus itself was down at some point. I've reuploaded the v1.0.2 non-Dawnguard archive with the file name fixed. This was due to a server error back when I uploaded the v1.0.2 archives. The one for non-Dawnguard installations is different from the Dawnguard archive, though. You can check by comparing the dates modified entries for the files in each archive, as well as their slight size differences. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Very nice - the mod works perfectly fine. Tristan's cruel persona fits very well with the forced prostitution theme. There's only one problem that I can find and, unfortunately, it's pretty glaring. It's the dialogue and spelling. Since this mod lacks voices, the text is all there is in order to tell the story. When well-written, text can invoke emotions more effectively than voice acting. Correct spelling is a given - it makes your mod look professional. To show you what I mean: After choosing the first refusal topic, Tristan rapes my PC. My PC simply replies, "What the Hell." At first gl
  7. This reminds me of that Fallout 3 Clothing Evaluation mod. I wish you good luck and hope someone creates a "comments mod" and more based on your framework.
  8. Nope, you'll need to use something like the NPC Editor or the CK. I recommend the latter. What kind of mods are you trying to experiment with that works better on NPCs rather than your PC?
  9. Hi Deedlit, The race contains identical sliders from ECE v0.86. If you mean the new sliders from kapaer's Character Making Extender, I've managed to get the race to work with it. The problem is that my presets have gone wonky due to ECE's new tri files and CME's sliders. I was thinking about creating new presets from scratch and overhauling my race. Therein lies another problem as well: I've contacted tktk recently and I was unable to gain permission to package ECE's new tri files and CME along with my race. I was asking for too much in the first place since tktk and kapaer have put a
  10. I've documented these customizations (different body meshes and BBP) in the readmes included with the Lovergirl Race archives. They're also detailed on the Nexus description page. The short answer is yes, you can apply these customizations to your Lovergirl character.
  11. Hi Cozy, Thank you for your appreciation of the mods. I'm grateful knowing that my presets are useful to you and others. Carry0833 also deserves credit for posting screenshots of his beautiful character. Much like Sanhoshin and others, he truly became inspirational in the area of character creation. Since you took the time to express your gratitude, I'll express mine by explaining the origins of the race to anyone unfamiliar with it. Carry's pics made a lot of people (both Easterners and Westerners) jealous and wanting since he decided to keep the specifics a secret. I was surprised t
  12. In order to edit Lovergirls Follower Pack.esp in the CK, you must install Wryebash. Please follow the instructions below, which are also provided on the Lovergirls mod page on the Nexus: Lovergirls Follower Pack.esp needs to be set as the Active File since you will be making changes to it. Once you load it, Skyrim.esm, Race Compatibility.esm, and Lovergirl Race.esp will be set as Master Files automatically, so no need to touch them. You should now be able to apply the steps from the Creating Standalone NPCs tutorial to the followers. In order to change Charlotte's hair, you first
  13. Charlotte was actually my first attempt at recreating Silmeria's original look, but the face textures I used at the time (BBLee III) did not match Carry's. After discovering that Carry used Sophia Face textures, I tweaked Charlotte's face a bit and Violet was the result. You're right, though, Violet is supposed to be the Silmeria look-alike. I agree that modding seems quite daunting at first. I had absolutely no experience modding any game before taking the plunge and trying to wrap my head around the Creation Kit. There are so many oddities within the CK that you'll likely become frustra
  14. Hi HiryuX, Violet's preset is based on the first version of Silmeria before Carry0830 changed her look. I promised myself that I wouldn't create another follower/preset based on the new Silmeria in order to respect Carry's privacy. It's pretty easy to tweak some sliders, such as eyes, jaws, chin, and mouth, in order to achieve her new look. I agree that Violet does not look exactly the same as Silmeria, and this mostly concerns the ENB preset you may have installed. Carry uses an older version of BoneAsh ENB, but I'm not sure which version it is. You'll have to search the 3DMGame forum
  15. That torture device reminds me of a Toblerone bar with icing on top.
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