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Recommend adult mods for TES Oblivion


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Claudia's little secret should be used with a bare minimum of mods installed as it comes with most things already in it and it is **not** compatible with LAPF and it can conflict with many other mods many are known but there are also many that are not known there is a .esp to make it compatible with LAPF but it is only for experienced users and since you are new to obliovion I wouldn't suggest using it.


If you use Claudia's little secret make sure to **read** the first post so you know what you can use with it and what you shouldn't use with it. The less mods you have installed while playing it the better it will be and the less problems you will have.




Just wanted to say that the 2nd link you posted isn't clickable. It did the same thing to me I had to paste my whole post into notebook then cut and paste it back into the post box to fix whatever is wrong with the link.


Another thread that you should read that is from LL user fejeena there is lots of info on how to clean your DLC's which are full of dirty edits except for shivering isle which is clean the load order mods need to be in and lots of other useful things in the thread. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbbmod-sorting-and-cleaningcs-cse/

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