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I forget what to do


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well i had a thing about this a while ago but i just got a new pc and thus had to re-download a lot of stuff so i try to get fnis to work through the nexus mod manager when i realize i dont remember how to run Generate FNIS for Users when i download fnis through the mod manager plz help me

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If I may suggest - get rid of NMM and get Mod Organizer - you will save yourself a lot heartburn in the long run.
There's a really helpful support forum right here on LL that will give you a good walk-thru using Mod Organizer (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20492-mod-organizer/)

Then there is the official support over at S.T.E.P

Guide to using MO

Official MO Support (S.T.E.P)


Hopefully this will help





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