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Noob question regarding sex related mods.


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Hi, i'm struggling with skyrim, i'm new to modding thus i'm probaly making some mistakes so please help me solve my questions.

1. Well for starters my main problem is mods incompability, sometimes i'm installing mods that conflicts with some other ones, making game not load at all (stuck on the loading screen) or simillar situations. Is there a way to backup current configuration before installing new mods so in case i could revert changes. Sometimes new mods overtwite old files made by older mods, so just disabling them will not do any good right? Can any of the skyrim mod managers do a mod configuration backup?

2. Breasts collisions, I'm currently using CHSBHC V3T but from what ive seen during some animation character hand goes through the beasts without any phisics reaction. How can i change that, i've read some tutorials but it was based on a anime boobs tye of body, is this process universal and also work on my body type? Or perhaps you could suggest some new body type that would also have big breast size and would be compatible with hentai pregnancy boobs and belly scalling.

3. Paradise halls, from what i've seen new version is not compatible with many mods extension, i'd like to make my slaves whores, so perhaps the old version is better, it is worth keeping the nevest version of the base extension or downgrade to use the addon, is the new changes to paradise halls worth mentioning or not.

4. I'm looking for some chanind that my slaves would wear, is there a mod adding this as an armor type?

5. Custom races, how do this work, after adding a new race can I encounter a new race character while visiting skyrim locations or is this only reserved to player character?

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Custom races are races that you play when you select them while making a character during the character creation or when using the showracemenu console command to change to a custom race. Using showracemenu to change to a different race/preset though will reset any and all skills that you may have acquired.

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For point number 1 I strongly recommend Mod Organizer . MO uses a virtual directory structure for mods so they don't end up overwriting any other files except of course virtually. In MO's left pane you'll have your list of mods, mod's showing a lighting bolt with a plus sigh are overwriting files from other mods and a minus sign shows some of it's files are being overwritten and a white lighting bolt (rather then yellow) shows that all of it files are being overwritten so it's not doing anything at all. You can think of MO's left pane as your install order for mods, mods at the top are installed first and the ones at the bottom are installed last. MO will try to order your left pane mods if it see's a problem with the order. This will be based off of your esp load order which is shown in the right hand pane. Anyway that gives you an idea of some of the benefits of using MO another being is that even with a lot of mods you can still run a completely vanilla game if you want (this also helps you know if the issue is with your mods or with your Skyrim install).


Please note that version 1.2.16 wont work with SkyProc patchers for some reason. 

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1) Mod Organizer provides a virtual data folder, no files will be overwritten ever. There are two main helpers, first the built-in tutorial of the tool, second the MO Guide. Those two will teach you how to work with MO.

1.1) A tipp: for a more stable, less buggy and better looking vanilla base game, I'd suggest to work your way through the latest S.T.E.P. (Skyrim Total Enhancement Project)


2) Breast collision is less a problem of your body but more of your skeleton and physics. For the skeleton I'd suggest XPMSE (so version 2.xx, atm 2.35). For the pysics you first of all will need the HDT PE and second (the more complicated one) a HDT .xml file that'll fit your needs. I think I'm using the More Believable Physics file, but I'm not sure. I've tried about 7-8, there you have to look for yourself, a good starting point could be the HDT PE section here on LL. And today I think all the popular body replacers provide HDT support. I use CBBE, the only disadvantage is the low mesh (results in "blockier" animations), but it provides tools for creating a custom body shape (BodySlide) and automatic neckseam fix (TexBlend, already packed within the CBBE installer). And the meshes are one point for v4.


3) For slavery there are quite many mods: the Devious Skyrim series provides many nice "toys" like chastity stuff, harnesses, yokes, plugs, ..., Alicia Painslut a kind of a slave follower, Sanguines Debauchery where your PC can be enslaved when defeated, Maria Eden


4) The Devious Devices provide many nice things, else you have to look for yourself, what you want.


5) Custom races are races that provide an alternative to the vanilla playable races to give a bigger variety. So there always will be only one person of this race in Skyrim, your PC. But they are a bit tricky because it can happen, that they are incomapitble with other mods (eg. Follower managers).

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