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  1. When using MO or MO2 OBSE plugins should be installed manually and not threw MO as most if not all of them will simply not load otherwise.
  2. I'm trying to find a good see your body in first person mod that doesn't ether have head bob (head bob makes me queasy) or totally mess up range combat. I've tried 3rd person animations in 1st person view (head bob) and Oblivion - Enhanced Camera (range combat is way off).
  3. Just a quick add if you want to get ride of the underwear while using that excellent mod just edit out underwear_male, underwear_female, and underwear_female_top from \Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\!DCC\ModuleData\skins.xml . No need to edit the base game files now. Well except for the Launcher files because you need Fixed Launcher to get the extra sliders to work and that does change a few base game files but only for the launcher.
  4. Well I would think if they didn't include a way to add animations for animals in the dev kit then that would cover it. That's just a guess on my part.
  5. I know right it looks like they just added tits to the male model. No body sliders at all which seems odd seeing how they have so many face sliders.
  6. During sex the Sims just take off their bottoms how do I get the to take off their tops as well? Both player and NPC.
  7. If the NPC is a teen and you don't have age restriction turned off (it's on by default) even if the player character is a teen then the teen npc wont show on the list.
  8. Their is also a holiday pack that's free as well. It's just holiday decorations and clothes but it's something anyway.
  9. Outward is a new RPG it's fun but the world could use a bit more life in it. Has anyone heard of any adult mods being worked on for it? With how tight money is in game a good prostitution mod would be a big help, or a sex buff mod would help to. Anyway I hope this game gets some modder love.
  10. So I was checking the ini file and I noticed this So I went and set it to 15 to be safe. Is the comment old and just not updated?
  11. OK I had this issue. The problem is from a setting you changed in a different menu. If I remember correctly if you hit the right Ctrl key a set up menu comes up and the third or second setting is some sort of toggle that causes this menu to come up.
  12. I recommend using Mod Organizer it will save you time and trouble in the long run.
  13. I was on Nexus the other day when I noticed my computer wasn't being responsive, I checked task manager and Chrome was using 83% CPU and over 3 gigs of memory (for reference it's using 2% CPU and 670 megs right now.). I tried a couple of bitcoin blocker extensions but they had no effect. This is a problem because after a few minutes or so Chrome becomes slow to respond, so I find myself downloading a mod closing the browser tab then going back again to get the next mod. Does anyone know an extension that will stop nexus from eating up all my CPU?
  14. It has nothing to do with HDT it's an issue with vanilla Skyrim. If you have a 140hz monitor you'll need to use 1/2 vsync. 70fps seems to work fine. Edit: oh never mind if you got it to work some how. I never bothered with anything other then using 1/2 vsync.
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