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No erection in animation

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So... I'm using animated prostitution, along with sexlab, along with Schlongs of Skyrim. Everything works like it should. Except my guy always has a flaccid penis, constantly. He literally cannot get an erection EVER. The animation looks and works fine except for the fact that there is a flaccid penis just flopping around against the back of the NPC. I want to know what went wrong here? I even used a race menu mod that can make an erection... but IT VANISHES once animation starts. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Please someone explain to me how I modded this incorrectly.

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Not many here use Animated Prostitution so don't expect to many replies. First thing I can think is to make sure nude suits isn't checked in sex lab. When you use the SOS spell Erection does that work on your character? Does the NPC version work on NPC's? Do NPc's get erections normally?

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I'm not 100% here,But I don't think AP supports SOS, I use a mod called sos controller by bElisario(author supporting the sos mod just incase I spelled it wrong) . If I remember correctly you can find a link on the page for the equipable horse cock mod, and or sos  equipable penis mod.

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