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  1. That's what I was eluding to. I tried knee patch with CBBE and all hell broke loose. I put up with the borked knees now as I'm not a fan of FG.
  2. I'm no expert, far from it. But I would point the finger at knee fix, since it is a skeleton mod. 😉
  3. Without wanting to state the obvious. I can't be bothered with pressing keys to move actors around whilst I'm watching a scene. It breaks immersion, and I typically only have one hand available at the time. Gigity Gigity 😁👍
  4. So, completely off topic from recent posts. I found a mod on the nexus called Combat Zone Restored which allows me to pimp myself out to Raiders without getting raped and robbed most of the time (yeah I know that's kind of the point with them). CZR allows me to RP out my dream of being a low rent whore to Raiders which is er ...nice. That said, it kinda breaks the immersion when they tell me I shouldn't be whoring when I'm injured. I'm like "well stop asking for anal all the time then!) haha! 😁
  5. I'll have you know Sir that nothing dissolves faster in water than a British car! edit: except maybe an Alfa. 😉
  6. I think you said previously that you dont want to get into Nuka-World (or did i imagine that?) but you got a couple of faction leaders there that fit the bill. Plus a ready made slave-camp area where the merchants are. 😁
  7. And he came up with that without using his head 😉
  8. Well that sounds great if you can get it sorted out. I'm all for more animations if I can just watch them happen rather than mashing buttons! 😁
  9. Couldn't agree more. Its like those game Dev's that put mini games in their creations. I'm using a mod like this for erotic purposes. If i wanted to be that involved, id download the latest combat improvement mod from Nexus. Also, with a mod with a theme like this, half the attraction for me is having less control over the events. I think there is an animation in BP70 that you have to advance manually. I roll my eyes every time AAF selects it. I'm sure there are people that like that kind of thing and they are great animations in of themselves. But I'm clearly not the target audience.
  10. So, I thought I would try out Serana as a mistress after completing her quest line. But she doesn't have the dialogue to start the enslavement. Neither does Valerica even though I can recruit her as a follower?. I don't have issues with getting enslavement dialogue to show up for any other follower that I have tried out including custom followers. Do you need to do something different with Serana? If its a bug, is there a quest set stage that I can try in order to force her to try to enslave me or to get the dialogue branch to show up?
  11. I can verify that. It is also happening with Skyrim SE. Now when I load up the game, i have to check that my subtitles haven't turned themselves off before I go off adventuring (or whoring) 😉
  12. Same here. All the dialogue is as it should be right up to the part where the quest should announce that it is running and appear in your quest log etc. But that doesn't happen and if you talk to the mistress / master again, they start the loop of telling you that they want you to prostitute yourself. I also tried not talking to my mistress after the quest failed to start. After a few seconds, she force greeted me again and started the dialogue look again. I have checked and I have the script installed. If I run the mod without any patches installed and using version 1.0. Everything runs normally and prostitution works as intended so I have no idea why I am having issues with the patches
  13. This is the problem I have been having. I went back to an old pre mod save and installed version 1.0 without any patches. The prostitution quest fires off normally and the quest starts and ends with no issues. It also works with RP installed. With the (last) patch installed, the dialogue works but the quest doesn't not appear to start. That said, if I use the stop quest command, I get a quest ending notification even though the quest isn't running if I "getstage" in the console. I don't know if that is significant? I haven't tried it again with the latest patch installed yet because its working right now without any patches, and I'm scared to try it 😬
  14. Just a suggestion but make sure you're scrolling all the way down the list of dialogue options. I thought i had this issue, then realised that there was one more option at the bottom of the list which was the one i was looking for.
  15. Yep. I've seen that too. Again. Quicksave/reload resets AAF to whatever you have on at the point of quicksaving. I guess it will end up on a list of bugs over at the AAF thread at some point. 😉
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