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Since I figured out on what's wrong with my sexlab my thread got deleted after I still had a question. My question Is on how to activate the animations. Will I be needing the FNIS Addon for the spells? Or will I be doing something else?

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Xandero's stuff has in big red letters ***It's not a mod, it's just a set of ready-made animations. I posted them for modders (such as dentarr), so they can use them in their projects.*** 

Could you link me on what basic mods I could use and so tell me what exactly what to do so I won't mess up?

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This where the downloads for the SexLab Framework is Link.  This is the section where your post was moved to and where question reguarding SexLab should be posted link.


Just a little bit of work on your part browsing the forums and actually listening to the responses and links you've already had on your other thread and you would probably be playing the game by now. You made an account here downloaded the mods and made your first post about how it wasn't working within 7 minutes after you registered here. You obviously haven't read anything on how to use or install these mods. I'm not trying to be a dick but to get this stuff working does take a little bit of work on your part and it is impossible to hold your hand for each little step. Most are very helpfull here and will happy to answer your questions but come on just do a little work yourself.

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