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oblivion CTD's when i fast travel to anywhere


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So i've tried almost everything i can think of to fix this.

heres my load order.


Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm

Lovers with PK.esm




















Lovers with PK.esp














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http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbbmod-sorting-and-cleaningcs-cse/Read everything on this page there is also a load order to show where things are suppose to be LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp are in the incorrect spot they are suppose to be at the bottom of the load order.


Have you cleaned your DLC's with TES4EDIT? If not you need to as all DLC's are dirty except for shivering isle mods with dirty edits can and will cause problems in a game.

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I can't say much about your load order as I'm in no way an expert on that (and I am unfamilar with many of these Lovers plugins). Hopefully Fejeena for example can give you more helpful advice. One crucial thing however I can point out right away:


- LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
- LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
It's important to have these two esps at the very bottom of the load order to guarantee the functionality of the whole Lovers system. Another recommendation is downloading and installing these files here:
It's not probable your CTD-on-fast-travel issue will just go away after installing the files, but overall your game might profit from the unofficial patches' numerous fixes anyway.
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Three times is the charm! Three people posting the very same advice at the very same minute - we're off to a good start into 2015!

And it should mean there's some truth to our claim regarding the load order position of these two plugins.

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Also look in the Requirements spoiler.

But don't use the Archive invalidation invalidated! Mod, use Oblivion Mod Manager or WryeBash Archive Invalidation. Am sure that you have already.


Edit: sorry I have not made a NO MBP LoversStupidNpc Version ( till now)


You can play without LoversStupidNpc or you must install MBP.


All NO MBP Version I made


LoversMagic 0.66e

Lovers Immoral Sisters

Lovers Immoral Guards

Bravil Underground


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I would recommend NOT to clean any of the official DLCs of ITMs/UDRs, unless you know what you're doing :





Now, I am not saying either that you can't attempt to do it, but the procedure to follow is not the usual one for other "dirty" mods.


Just a heads up, and that you need to pay attention at what you're doing (as always ?), else you'll probably create more issues than there initially were.

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You SHOULD clean the DLCs !!

No Problem with Tes4Edit. It is more a Problem that TES4Edit does not clean all "useless" stuff.  ( e.g. a indoor cell with added waterhight (far below the ground) but nothing new in the cell, not used in the Mod/esp  will not delete by TES4Edit. (or changed fog value: from 0.000000 to 0.000001 ! rubbish ) So after you have used the "automatic" cleaning Buttons you should use "Apply Filter for cleaning" and check all highlighted entries )

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By the book, I would agree with you.


Following the procedure found here :




which is recommended by BOSS, my game crashes at exit (only with Oblivion + SI + "cleaned" DLC loaded).


I am not the only one to whom it happened (see my previous post).


If you follow the "new" procedure, it should be fine (haven't had the time to test it yet).


So as far as I am concerned, yes, you should clean the DLC with the new procedure (which requires more user knowledge of TES4edit), no, you shouldn't clean the DLC with the old procedure (recommended by BOSS). I've been able to play just fine with "dirty" DLCs for a while, without crash at exit, without any serious and detrimental side effect I could notice (and certainly no CTD when fast travelling).

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I don't see special DLC cleaning tips in the linked cleaning guide. ( only quick view )

The new Versions of TES4Edit have the "Prevent Crash-on-Exit" thing that is explained in the guide.

I cleaned my DLC first automaticand then I checked manually all other vanilla changes.

No fast travel CTDs. And CTD at Exit the game ? don't know, I use FastExit2 so I have never game Exit CTDs.

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I don't see special DLC cleaning tips in the linked cleaning guide. ( only quick view )

The new Versions of TES4Edit have the "Prevent Crash-on-Exit" thing that is explained in the guide.


No, no, no, not "quick view", read the links I give please  :) I don't "quick view" your messages, before giving you a reply.


I've used <TES4Edit_3_0_32_EXPERIMENTAL-11536-3-0-32EXP.7z> which to my knowledge is the latest version publicly released on the Nexus :




I still experience the crash each time (Steam version) if I follow the procedure given by the UESP wiki to clean <Knights.esp>, recommended by BOSS :





I cleaned my DLC first automaticand then I checked manually all other vanilla changes.


That may work because you're an experienced user, but that is *more* than what one can assume about the average user of the game. That is more than what the average user is aware of when they happen to read the BOSS message, more than what they're used to do for cleaning other "dirty" mods. Therefore, it requires more knowledge of them about what is safe to remove or not in TES4Edit, lest "cleaning" the mod creates more issues than it solves for them.


This is why I recommended against cleaning the mod before :


1/ reading the new instructions given by Migck on the Beth forums



2/ making sure they are comfortable with using TES4edit


are satisfied.


I've run the game with the "dirty" official DLC just *fine*.


My game crashed on exit, or at other times, with the official DLC "cleaned" through the UESP wiki guide, with no other mods loaded.


If I had been the only one, it could have been an issue on my side, but there are several threads on the Beth forum, on the Nexus forum, on the TES4Edit mod page itself, from other users that indicate otherwise, which is why I recommended to simply exercise caution. Clean the mod if you are able to, YES, but if you don't feel comfortable, it's probably better to ask for advice first.



No fast travel CTDs. And CTD at Exit the game ? don't know, I use FastExit2 so I have never game Exit CTDs.


I don't use <Fast Exit> because it obfuscates any potential issues to me. I do not crash on exit when playing pure vanilla Oblivion.


If I ever have a crash at exit of a modded Oblivion game, I do want to know that something is wrong, so that I can fix it.


<Fast Exit> is no solution to potential issues to me, certainly no help since it hides stuff from me, when I want it not to be hidden.


Therefore, I do not use it, nor do I recommend it.

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