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Oblivion reinstall mod issues


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Recently i formated my computer and today itried to reinstall oblivion and the mods i had. Id made a backup of my save files but not of my programfiles or my mods.


Basically i had, OOO, travellers clak, a jobs mod and a few 3-5 lovers mods.

Using OBMM i remember first time around (a while back) installing a mod prompted me with settings or decisions i had to make for the mod. this time around it hasnt. for example the female body replacer didnt prompt me with whether i wanted to use its BBB or keep it static so i could install noMaaMs.


thing is, i finished the installs of everything up to LAPF and run it but my body (torso) was invisible. i should note that i attempted to instal oblivion character overhaul 1.2 and maybe this brought issues with the body replacers?.. well, i deleted everything, uninstalled oblivion and redownloaded it (because i didnt have a backup of the vanilla files, which i do now though).


after re-downloading and making the backup, i started installing again. i got OOO in and launched to test the game, but my body was still invisible and a bunch of yellow blobs indicating missing meshes appeared. im not sure what to do.. is it because this characters where from older games, should i just delete my saves and start all over? at firsti thought it was only with characters i used after i started modding oblivion, but i then loaded up my old vanilla characters and they still showed missing textures n stuff..


any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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If you are trying to use a older save or a old save you first need to get wrye bash and run it there is a tab that shows that you can look at your save/saves that you are trying to use and look at what you had installed in that save it will also show your load order that you had when that save was made. Install the mods that are listed in the save file and then go back and forth from the save file to your load order and move them till they are in order if I remember correctly when they are green they are in their correct spots. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22368/?

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Okay im back, tried creating a new character and everything seems to work perfectly. its weird tho because the old characters worked with the same bodyreplacers and stuff..


also, as i said, obmm didnt prompt me with anything for either OOO or the body replacers so i dont know if ill have any issues with NoMaams BBB or if its working properly

i did have to overwrite some crc files that where in conflict with roberts male body and the female body when i installed the NoMaamsBBB

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Dammit, theres still yellow blobs everywhere. i got as far as installing the suplemental pluggin. my female body replacer apparently didnt work since she has sex with bras and panties on. i seriously dont know why, it used to work perfectly before. i feel like possibly my steamcloud is downloading some files i used to have that i dont anymore? or some settings that got saved? i want to eras everything and start completely from 0 but i dont know how

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fejeena, its not that i dont know how to do it, but rather that despite doing it normally, how the guides in this page suggest, something is still missing, and it didnt use to be. i feel like theres some setting on my steamcloud or something that saves old things and is fucking it up? idk.


also, in the case of a steam download, do you still suggest storing it on a different directory like your guide says?

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