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Howto remove ESM dependencies


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As far as I know, so long as you aren't referencing any form from a esm/esp dependency, it won't resort in a dependency on your own esp file.  Apart from saving the file within CK without the mod file being checked, you can edit the dependencies of a mod within Wrye Bash or TES5Edit.

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Dep #1: Skyrim.ESM

Dep #2: Dawnguard.ESM

Dep #3: SexLab.ESM


Dependencie #1 will have index 00, #2 will have index 01 and #3 will have index 02. So if you now remove Dawnguard.ESM, dependencie #3 will become #2 and it's index will change from 02 to 01, breaking all aliases and other references to this dependencie.

So even if you never used something from Dawnguard.ESM, removing a dependencie that's not the last index will break references to all dependencies the followed the removed dependencie.


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