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Best idles for an armored female player char?


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Frankly speaking, there are none optimized for armored females.

Building up on the previous poster:



This makes even the hottest lady look borderline retarded. No idea how this crap made it into a million dollar production.


Lifelike Idle Animations by HHaleyy:

Probably too feminine for armored styles. Otherwise at least 9/10 except for a few details. This does in fact look very natural in the game, but you have to use DSR w. "shield on back" option (you'll see why).


Sexy idle Animation by Kamo1:

1+2 = No comment. Out of the question.

3 = Chest is twisted to the right, left hand deformed badly, knees inverted.

4 = Try this one. <---

5 = No comment.


Pretty Female Idles by Dualsun:

Many of these are looking quite good, although a bit too "topmodel" like. I recommend only using this with PCEA.


New standing Idle motion from 3DM / swaying standing idle animation:

Honestly why do you even post this. By far the dumbest and distracting idle i've ever seen.



There are several older ones, feel free to enter "idle" in the Skyrim Nexus search.

Many look good in the preview, but in most cases i uninstalled them after less than one minute.

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