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My MBP Fails, I could really use some help.


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Hi, I have been trying for hours to make this work. But to no avail. i am working with Mod organizer, OBMM and Loot. 
I have used both Tutorial and Village people still look like their ugly self.

and this one

These are the mods i am trying to put in for now. and i am not doing a good job apparently.



# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
+F-INevOblivion skinset for EC and HGEC
+R18PN - Eisen Platte Armor for HGEC
+Missing eye-texture fix for XEO
+Better Faces Beta V1b
+Modular Beautiful People 2ch ED #3
+Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons
+BBB for EVE HGEC stock replacer
+AGS-Type2 SMDR and SPB Outfits Collection
+HSF HighRez
+New 3rd person
+HGEC body BBB V1.12
+Stylish jumpin and Pretty Woman (2 mods)
+VipCxjs Plugin Collection
-Real High Heels for RF adapted to Vipcxj and HGEC
+Alternate Start Revamped
+Fast Travel Double Face Fix
+Clean-up 0p56
+Vipcxjs Real High Heels System
+Unofficial Oblivion Patch
*Unmanaged: DLCBattlehornCastle
*Unmanaged: DLCFrostcrag
*Unmanaged: DLCHorseArmor
*Unmanaged: DLCMehrunesRazor
*Unmanaged: DLCOrrery
*Unmanaged: DLCShiveringIsles
*Unmanaged: DLCSpellTomes
*Unmanaged: DLCThievesDen
*Unmanaged: DLCVileLair
*Unmanaged: Knights

In the left Column are they suppose to be in an Load order for them to work?


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Not sure on how to get it to work with mod organizer as most just use OBMM for oblivion. Mod organizer is generally used for skyrim and it hasn't really been used for other games that much and the ones that have tried to use it have probably either gave up or got it to work after tons of work. Your best bet is to just use OBMM instead of mod organizer for oblivion.

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So your issue seems to be that the game's NPCs aren't receiving any beautifying treatment? You need to keep in mind MBP's nature as a passive plugin. First and foremost MBP is just a large collection of playable custom races for player character creation. Besides the MBP master file(s) the mod also has a number of esps that do affect the game's vanilla races. Examples are 'Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race', 'Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules' and a corresponding hair module.


I'm not familiar with Mod Organizer. Is this your full load order? None of the mentioned MBP esps that affect vanilla races seem to be activated? Install and activate those esps to see if the NPCs' appearance will change: Different eyes, eyelashes, hairstyles other than the limited array of vanilla hair. But in any case the change will only be a minor one because MBP mostly is just a race resource collection.


In comparison the newer versions of XEO alter the NPCs' appearance much more drastically. This has always been too profound for my taste, that's why I rather stick to MBP, combined with Luchaire's 'Better Redguards'. The latter is to make this specific race look different from Imperials once facegen texturing is switched off in the game's ini file.


This one esp in your load order - 'Fast Travel Double Face Fix': I don't think it is really necessary as such a function is integrated into the 'Unofficial Oblivion Patch'. Besides its many other fixes that one adds a touch spell to get rid of the double face bug if it occurs.

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Best approach for MBP, IMO is: BOSS, OBMM and Wrye Bash. Don't know Wrye? There's a picture tutorial on Nexus. DL, use it, create a Bashed Patch. Forget LOOT, it's evolved into something more Skyrim-ish than Oblivion-ish... (Always remember, Oblivion is retro; old game old tools that for the most part have had their dents sufficiently banged out.)


BOSS you use to initially setup your LO, The FAQ on setting up Lovers MODs here on LL, then later you'll just be using the Masterlist from BOSS to make tweaks and adjustments. (I've given up on getting members to create and use BOSS userlists...)


Your education starts there.

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Also Notepad++ or any advanced text tool that allows you to see line numbers in a text file. You'll want that for opening the last and most complete BOSS masterlist for Oblivion later, when you add in more MODs and have to tweak your LO some.


See Fajeena's posts on the latest and last BOSS masterlist, I'm in between meetings and don't have time to upload it at the moment.


You'll also at some point you'll need to clean dirty MODs with TES4Edit, which are identified by BOSS, so locate and DL that too.

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Yes my yellow Link below.

Notepad++ and BOSS masterlist ( and in the Masterlist is mentioned if mods are dirty)

A example load order with Lovers Mods and all DLCs (and BOSS Masterlist line numbers)

And clean dirty MODs with TES4Edit


Edit: use BOSS for all non Lovers Mods. sort Lovers Mods manually ( see my example load order or here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/  )

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No idea if I'm right... maybe I'm just wasting everybody's time but still, here goes my attempt to help:


  1. MBP is like Poontank says, a passive mod. It adds some hairs eyes and races, I seem to remember another mod named XEO is for beautification of vanilla Oblivion based on MBP... must be somewhere around here too...
  2. Follow the whole instructions page and look for more... there must be at least 5 pages detailing how to install that damn mod, it's useful to compare and understand what you're doing
  3. LOAD ORDER... The bloody load order... you can find a few of those around too... remember that damn mod has a ton of plugins so one is not enough to make it work... 
  4. Don't use mod organizer... That's for Skyrim, use obmm, use BOSS or my personal preference and the one I use, use Wrye Bash
  5. Good luck


I don't use MBP because I find it so freaking messy I just hate it... but then again I have my own stash of mods...

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A full MBP (the ++ version) even has two esms, 'x117race.esm' being the second one. I do agree that the mod is quite messy indeed with some treacherous pitfalls included - the altered eye meshes and their matching eye textures for example which are incompatible with vanilla-based eye textures. Their main point is to allow a heterochromia effect for characters, mismatched/different eye colours for the left and right eyes.


It's true, Wrye Bash is an essential tool in getting MBP to work and function smoothly with other plugins. A Bashed Patch allows to import MBP's race records and helps sorting out problematic hairs and eyes. If one really plans using mods more seriously, especially a lot of them together, WB is the tool of choice to manage the load order. Another one of Wrye Bash's neat functions is the BAIN installer that has a resource tracking feature - it means that after uninstalling any mod with BAIN (given that it also had been installed this way) original resource files which might have been overwritten will be restored.

As complicated and intriguing the software might seem at first, it's not that difficult to master in fact. Consult the pictorial guide.


One downside to MBP certainly is its huge load of playable races... Because many of them are outright crappy. Ugly skin textures, bad hairstyles, boring unnatural eyes. It's possible to simply flag those races a player doesn't like and never plans on using as unplayable to get rid of them. My personal approach is to consider MBP a large container for custom resources: Since the mod is running anyway, I simply exchange its ugly races with recreations of any nice custom races I ever tried out and liked (and still have their resource files installed).


So one of the MBP 'Human' races for example I altered with the 'High Imperial' skin by Deathknowz, the 'Lycanthrope Elf' race got pimped with resources from MOM's 'Diaoshi' race and stuff like that. I am using MBP as a custom race experimental playground so to speak.

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