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XiNAVRO's Artorias armor


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Xinavro took his stuff down because a thief on the steam workshop has started stealing his work and uploading them as their own which is why he removed his stuff. Someone might have it or you might have to see if the thief has uploaded it.


Seriously?!? What the fuck. Sorry for cursing, but seriously... what the fuck. I really hate Steam Workshop. Last month someone stole mods from Nexus there and brought his personal army on his mod page, defending that he made the mod himself. I guess thieves are really rampant on Workshop.


Damn... it's a real damn shame. If only Steam or whoever responsible in Bethesda would take those Workshop thieves down. Dammit. Damn you Steam.

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Good news, modtype still has links for some of his mods. Hope Xinavro won't mind about this:





i downloaded his dark souls mods from this place but none of the armors seem to be showing up at all in any way. know any bugs or problems this might entail? or any reasons why its not working for me. im going mad i want the artorias armor

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