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  1. I absolutely love this mod, but I recently made the jump to Special Edition. Any plans for a conversion of this in the future?
  2. Just save me so many headaches, thank you!
  3. Someone was asking earlier about sudden huge bellies, and I think I found the reason. Apparently a mod I have is connecting Lactaid to the belly node ,the more Lactaid you have the larger the node gets. I Don't think it's MME? Might be Weightmorphs. When you turn Elsie into a milk-maid (or anyone for that matter? Not sure.) They get a boost of 50 lactaid. Boom, instant oversized belly.
  4. ...Odd, but who the hell am I to kinkshame? I just turned Dovakin into a farting lactating cow girl on a quest to find a way to remove her ballgag.
  5. That's a good point, lemme go and adjust SLIF and see what happens.
  6. Gonna start a fresh game and see if it fixes it, but currently when Milk Mod updates on the hour, her body reverts back to pre-milkmaid standards. Then if I transition to a different area (IE Breezeholm) Her breasts magically grow.
  7. Good mod, good armor, and support for penzor's cinches it. Good job!
  8. My one thought with this mod is milking can become a chore rather than an arousal at higher levels, maybe having it so that milking occurs exponentially faster in comparison to what's stored away in the breasts (IE, higher pressure, faster discharge that slows speed over time as pressure reduces)
  9. I never expected this dead horse to still get prodded every so often, but since I'm back in skyrim might as well update this. My current dream mod is one that allows for some form of time travel mechanic A la Prince of Persia Sands of Time. Something I don't believe is actually doable but hey, I didn't think we'd get to the point where we'd have animated wings. Seriously though, imagine shouting off someone from a cliff, then reversing time and watching them fly back to their previous position. perhaps something that takes a snapshot of the previous time skip, or maybe only the pre
  10. Okay, I ran into the Werewolf invisible as well. So I ended up giving myself the spell for the werewolf, but does anyone know the quest that needs to be completed and the quest that needs to be activated? I can type in the codes, but I don't fully understand Skyrim's system for finding things. As far as I can tell the code that completed the "Dragon" (Yeah dragon bugged for me as well) is the same for the Werewolf. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Understood, good luck with the kidney stone >_O Thanks again for what you've done
  12. I can't seem to clean schlongs off the dragonborn. I'm not sure why, should I disable "Vectorplexus" addon? do they work together? Edit: For some reason I can't get it anywhere near the proportions you show in your screenshot,
  13. gods I'm an idiot, I think I have it. one moment. edit: Nope, no luck. It's just not working for me, I even tested with straight up original CBBE without Bodyslide++, added skeleton last, removed several addons to see if there were any conflicts, but as far as I can tell It just doesn't want to shove a penis on her.] EditEdit: Success! I had to go back to a save that hadn't already initialized SoS, and it worked.
  14. Hm, I've been attempting to use this mod with my bodyslided mesh, and I can't seem to get any of the girls schlonged. Does it need to load up in any particular order?
  15. Thank you for taking the time to make this for CBBE, it's really appreciated =3
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