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I herd u liked draugrs

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Change Log:


-Added a couple more things added a vampire race no luck getting it to work well i barely tried. removed the skin tone, changed the draugr meshes, changed up the skeleton a bit added updated files-

-Added Two Files One is for removing the skin tone if you find it to be a little disturbing and the other is a nude version that removes the rags from the draugrs.-


If you wanted to play as a draugr then you came to the right place but if you just came to party thats just diddy as well. This mod will allow you to play as a draugr but not just any old draugr you can play as one with default human animations, wear clothes and armor, roleplay as a walking corpse or others..


If you wanna change your hair you have to pick a preset then it will let you customize the character, no face morphs tho so sadness.

The feet however looks bad. no idea how to make it not look like someone stepped on it hundred times but wearing foot wear will hide that.


Both male and female draugrs have a texture set while wearing clothes and armor so no more human skin, i never textured anything before so it looks kinda bad with the tint changing its color and all, if you have ece or racemenu you could try to change its color to match the original one.

Comes with first person without the annoying head clipping in your face


Racial stats:

Draugr Ab - Resist Frost 50%, Glowy eyes 100% No luck getting it to work, WaterBreathing, Resist Poison 100%

Draugr Rage - It like orcs berserk but with draugrs instead! 50% less damage taken 50% more damage

Draugr Terror - Blast the area with a large fear spell but as a lesser power

Unarmed fear touch Spell - When doing a power attack with your fists it may cause them to ride in fear

Two Handed - 10

One Handed 5

Heavy Armor - 5

Light Armor - 5

Block - 5

Destruction - 5

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  • 2 weeks later...

im sure its work just fine without them, its just some people reported they crash alot picking these races so its probably safe to have xpms anyways

Well I tried it very quickly before work and I would get a CTD if I tried to change using the showracemenu option so I figures I needed them or didn't read all the instructions well enough. Heh.


EDIT: Funny thing is, I had the mod working for a bit, though when I used certain SexLab anamitions it broke it and I could't get the penis to show. I tried reinstalling it and I'm back to CTDs. I'll keep working through it to see if I can't find what's causing it. ^^ I know it's not racemenu as disabling it made no difference.


EDIT2: Got it working again, but it doesn't like it if I get naked. If I remove like my body peice, BOOM! CTD. I can get the PD Nude Version 1.1 to work on a new game but not an existing game. Draugr Dicks  (normal or dark) just doesn't want to work at all. Do we need a nude version AND the draugr Dicks? Caus ei Tired isntalling both and then only installing one and only rhe nude version works on it's own. >.>


From what I have seen, it's a great concept and I'd love to play with it some more! I just wish I could get it to co-operate with you Draugr Dicks. ><

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I did. I overwrote the file. But regardless if I try in an establish game or start a new game withminimal mods like just sex lab and SOS) it never works. It seems to be when taking the body off, like my game just doesn't like naked draugr, LOL. XD

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what a shame. hmm try using sos skeleton with it instead of the one i made


After trying for a couple of hours, I'm starting to beleive it's not down to the skeleton, it's actually the body nif itself.


In Draugr Dicks you have two meshes in the character assests folder; draugrmale_body.nif and skeleton_undeadm.nif. If I keep the draugrmale_body.nif but take ANY skeleton and rename it to skeleton_undeadm.nif, my game will load but as soon as remove any clothes I get a CTD. If I keep the skeleton_undeadm.nif. skeleton from Draugr Dicks but put in the nude (without a dick) draugrmale_body.nif from Nude Version 1.1, remove clothes is fine. There's some link I'm not seeing in the draugrmale_body.nif in the Draugr Dicks version that I'm not seeing which is either causing the CTD or conflicting with something (or something with it) which makes it CTD.


EDIT: I got some news. I looked at this thread and it mentioned The Joy Of Perspective mod. When I isntalled the XPMS 1.93a skeleton, I tried, just to see, selecting that I had the mod when I actually don't And doing this has no allowed me to use the mod. I don't know why but it does. So that's good! Worth mentioning to others if they have a CTD. Don't know how stable the game will be though.


Now I just got to get rid of my human penis and still be able to get the draugr schlong to work and I'm good to go! :D

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The  Joy Of Perspective mod overwrites the first person skeleton doesnt it? So thats probably the reason and enhanced camera basically does the same thing without replacing anything it just sticks a 3rd person body with your first person camera so it uses any animations you have instead of ones JOP uses which i like, plus no head bobbing unless you set it to have that in the ini.



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