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Teddy Outfit





what's included:

1 Katana

4 Shields

Tits and clit sucking Teddies ( HGEC BBB; upper H Cup vB , lower LL / upper A Cup, lower S )

differend belts, with and without sucking Teddies ( only lower LL)

2 Rings

1 Backpack

1 shoes ( one pair not one shoe)



! only female armor/clothes versions !


Lowerbodies have butt bones ! you need the LAPF skeleton ! If you want Op3 bones, copy the meshes from the Op3 folder and paste them in the meshes\Fejeena\TeddyOutfit Folder.



IC Waterfront Lighthouse, a Teddy bag (see Picture)


Special Features:


You can use the Backpack, it's a Container:

drop it, go in sneak mode, activate the backpack, add or remove stuff.

End sneak mode and activate the backpack and it's in your inventory.


The Teddy arrow Ring: equip it an you get 100 Teddy arrows. ( leveled, higher Level = better arrows)


The Teddy Katana and the arrows are able to kill undeads (like silver weapons)


Credits: kingkong, kingkong and kingkong for "weight paint" most bears and belts.

Teddy Bear Mesh - Dhkoster

Teddy Bear Brown Texture - Xiamara

gerra6 for the Mesh Rigger tool.

Oh, and I should mention kingkong


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Yes read "What's included"


the big tits Body is HGEC  with BBB; upperbody H Cup versionB , lowerbody LL

The small tits Body is HGEC with BBB:  upperbody A Cup, lowerbody S


Body can be found in Set body reloaded and almost in all other set Body Versions. And in "HGEC Body with BBB v1.12 " ( Link in my yellow Link below )


Or you use NifSkope: create a copy of the Teddy Outfit meshes and delete the Teddies and you have the Body meshes.

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