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  1. Np, actually seen the cuirass also but never crashed from it just the error then could continue so just chose to ignore it. More so since I was not positive if it was this mod at fault or another. Good on you catching it and everything, will probably give your fix a try just to stop the error which can be annoying, more so since I think I got a mod that adds it to random npcs added by another mod I think as I have it more common in a couple town areas. (Currently not playing as much morrowind)
  2. Reminds me of the Long gone Drow Story (supposedly a wolf site still has it but not going through that process to check).
  3. Really Need Help With This and or Warning. Daedric boots (maybe more) are broken. (seems to delete characters with them on and crashes if you put them on.) *My WorkAround* Use Better Armor DaedricBoots (from meshes) (MANUALLY Remove or override DMRA Boots). ^ *Note* Must use otherwise breaks looking for them, Which makes me Expect that the upload of this for w/e reason is using them any ways and therefore causing the issue.
  4. I think you just put it in mods folder, then click the preset button when creating sim (little thing to click )
  5. same as always go to downloads section and click the media fire link (other is gone) then put in mods folder
  6. Not certain either, know least 1 animation pack said grab both so ..
  7. Typically (so I am just assuming) you just grab the latest version so latest of the 2 (Nap and + Ap) Then just make sure they not more then 1 folder deep.
  8. Hello, I am also interested in the special animations whatever they may be as can never have to much diverse culture in your life. πŸ’ž
  9. Cool to see and for you to share, sadly the enhanced trumps this especially given nature of the main mod Had this been for other things or uncensored then maybe. (know this "old now" just so happened to see this posted with so few posts so felt bad)
  10. Ok well don't see where it says they just resource or if they 2 different versions or if you can/should use some the extra stuff or if can use on either version or anything... But again just mainly because I found it odd Chinese is 1.03GB for seemingly all the main stuff (not the voices and horse files that are separated ie guess just resources) while assumingly Russian? (doesn't say it is and files in English) is only 750mb. I don't see a way of knowing the significance of the differences? It seems like maybe Chinese version just added their own maybe unofficial/optional things like to beautify added npcs and armor and hopefully just them (no compatible issues)? Or could be Russians just have older version potentially even missing out on more then looks? -> Only thing I can understand easily, is that Chinese apparently adds music, otherwise no idea what like Soya exactly is other then something to do with hair I guess (again assuming that means maybe changing a characters hair?), while the Russians just added the omod conversion set-up and otherwise just has less stuff). πŸ‘Thanks for reply, will likely just give it a try in near future using the Chinese version (just main folder and not touching resources). If can, can you please tell me if I am right/wrong on my assumption that Chinese simply changes the added armors/npcs and otherwise is same thing and should be non-issue. (and also adds music).
  11. Thanks for sharing, bit confused by install/download do you need to use the original Asian packages or just the pack then throw English on it? Especially since the packages have multiple files and quite larger main.
  12. Ya, I got everything your book said done (other then side mod for puppie mill and some the easter eggs). Got the "hidden" hands armor even. I feel the game did not recognize maybe that I bought the 2 dogs or a stage check missing if there not meant to be anything between 50-100 (at the 50 says maybe should visit her in quest log and did so + got the dogs but then that it, when I then later on tried the 99/100 thing it does not do anything new in order to update her shop/quest) But if it just Spotted dog and Battle Dog it fine thanks for confirming again. (assuming Battle Dog not some how some crazy amazing thing which I highly doubt).
  13. Ok figured it was changed and cave temple was unfinished, thanks for clarifying. (O and no blame or bigs on your guidebook being ""outdated"" that not your fault or anything, doubt you would be able to know of a random change like that and deserve credit for finding it so quick). Ya I got the "home" (tower and animated hand armors etc...) it why I wanted to just 100% the rest of the mod so don't have to bother/worry about it (personal way of thinking/being sort of thing and all that is left is the massive "grind"). Do you know if there another number or other type of stage between 50 and 100? I got the 50, bought the 2 dogs (also did the hellhound quest earlier along with getting bloodhound), but then I do 99 (and also tried 100 in case was over 100 and a couple random numbers) to no avail. (*Note* did use console to cheat the first 50 without issue aka did 49 then slept with a dog). Thanks for the missing command to get all the dogs, will give it a go in near future πŸ•πŸ‘: (set xLoversBitchQuest.runonce to 0)
  14. 1. Does the console command to unlock dogs not work ? (read it in the guide book and doesn't show error or anything but no dog spawns). 2. When does temple area in wolf cave unlock or is that unfinished ??? (used console to enter just to see inside it including the Bitche's heaven area didn't save or anything just was curious). --> this not mentioned in guidebook (unless related to next question). 3. is there a set number before 100? uniquedogs screwed according to book 100/100+ is special number like 10,20,50 were but console command doesn't work aka putting in 99/100 then screwing a dog to get the trigger meaning I am guessing there another number that needs to come before it tried guessing a few to no avail. (don't really want to try and find 50+ more dogs to screw so just want it all done).
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