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Exporting .dds Textures


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Hey everyone I have a bit of an issue, I am trying to add textures to the DF_T33 Boots & I have a group of Textures for it, but they are in a .jpeg format, well I loaded up Gimp 2.8.10 & I clicked on Export As.. made sure I changed the extension name to .dds  then clicked Export, then a pop up window would appear, for compression: BC3/DXT5, Mipmaps I chose Generate mipmaps & clicked ok


once it had exported, I loaded up my mesh in Nifskope, & added the texture well that's the problem the textures will not show up at all But if I load up the original texture then that texture works just fine but any other textures for these boots will not show up, does anyone have a clue what I might be doing wrong???


PLEASE Help!!!  :blush:

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Not sure whenever I modify textures I just lasso whatever I'm going to modify and then either cut it out or drag and drop the file I want on top of it and merge down then save as to overwrite the texture file. I  always use the overwrite .dds file that way whatever is done to the file can been seen right away in nifskope so you will be able to see if something is wrong or not. The file I drag onto it I don't even change it to .dds format as jpeg format works just as good. Do your modified textures have the same name as the original textures? If not you might need to use TES5EDIT and look in the mods .esp as the textures are probably hardcoded into it and will need to be changed to match the texture path in the nif to make it work if you changed the texture files name and texture file path in the nif. 

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Thanks for the replay, your suggestions didn't work for me BUT you did get me thinking so I copyed the new texture ontop of the original & then I noticed the new texture was extremely Huge meaning uncompressed , so I Scaled down the new texture to fit over the original texture then I merged the textures, & Exported it & Voila it worked...



SO Thank you for your reply &  getting me thinkin. 

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Your welcome.


I was going to ask if the file was bigger then the original in the other post as I have had it before where you pasted something on top of a texture if it was outside the box of the original texture the outfit would turn white but if it was adjusted to fit it then merged down it would work. But I was like nah I don't think it's that. Guess I should of put that in there as well.

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awe that's ok  "myuhinny" you actually helped me even if it didn't seem like it. so again I do Thank ya!! :D


hhhmmm Thanks "yatol" I'll keep that in mind I never really gave that much thought, it's nice to know what sizes & resolutions will work & won't work... Great info!!! B)



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