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If you watch the HD version it has a bonus ending with a credits. No i didn't do any of the voice, they're all voice from Skyrim, Oblivion, movie, and mod. I try recording my voice...let say it didn't turn out too well. And how did you watch a 30 minute video in 10 minute? O_O

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Glad you like it. Apparently ONE person is particular is VERY displeased with my video. It when from 4.5 star with 15 vote to 2.5 star and 52 vote in 40 minutes on Naughty Machinima. I guess pirates bring back a lot of bad memories for that person. And that person is on a mission! go take a look, the down vote is increasing by the seconds :D

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Wow, I downloaded this and watched it, good music choice to go with the overall comical theme and lovely video editing work! The whole story is quite well thought and some scenes are simply hilarious, especially

the encounter with the amazon women on the island, the sex scene in front of the 3 imperial soldiers and the ending, the large scale battle on the ship and camera work are neatly done too



Some grammatical errors in the subtitles and some lines could be refined a bit further, but take nothing away from the quality of the whole work, you've clearly put a lot of time and effort into this and definitely deserve more recognition, best fan made skyrim story video I have ever seen! Hope you will be continually doing more videos like this!!

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