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Bsa's are scary >.<


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So today I decided that I was going to merge some files via the mod merging script for Tes5edit. In order to do so there were a few bsa's i needed to extract. So I thought why the hell not!! so here I am extracting some overlay textures from an overlay bsa that was about 4mb, however for some reason it was taking significantly longer than usual but i decided to wait it out, after about 8 mins it finally finished extracting the bsa. I was kinda irritated thinking that my bsa extracter was just shit and that I'll need to find a new one anyways I decided to check how big the folder was...this thing was freaking 1gb in size!!! no word of a lie!! How the hell can you stuff 1gig of data into freaking a 4mb bsa...yup bsa's are a scary thing...

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The bsa's can use a compression algorithm. I'm not sure which one, like zip or rar.

At least for the common algorithms if the files are pretty much the same file over and over there can be a great reduction in size.

And overlay textures are pretty similar to each other.


42 kb zip file to 4.5 petabytes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zip_bomb


So what your saying is that it is possible for that to happen then....42kb to 4.5petabytes!!! ok now thats insane!!!!

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It's true, i just extracted that bsa using Mod Organizer imbedded Bsa extractor, it only toke like 10secs so i said " oh, i guess the problem was on his end " but i toke a look at the files just to be sure, and the size turned into 1GB ! " 984,283,356 bytes to be exact " .


checked the reason and it was because it contained 55 dds files , each of them was about 20mp .

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