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Steam Stop Stealing my Money, I need to eat....


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Spent 100$+ on games this month, Inquisition (60$) + valkyria chronicles ($20) + various steam/origin sales (35$)
And winter sale is going to begin soon, so I bid you guys farewell since I will no longer have money to afford food and will thus starve to death soon.
Food is overrated anyways and I'll make sure my decomposing corpse is laid to rest beside my computer, so it's cool.

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I'm looking at sales thinking that's a good deal and then I go check the library and the game is already there, funny.


Yeah already happened to me several times "Wow, -75%, gotta buy it! - ah nevermind, I already have it...". Since they added an icon on games telling you own them. Now I just have to take care not to buy games I already bought somewhere else.

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At least you can also see which dlc's you have for you games as well now, I am also a cheap skate don't think I have spent more than £10 on a game in years, but I wont buy new releases anymore after the fiasco with skyrim.


Having to restart after each of the major patches was a serious downer for me.

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I don't buy a game if I don't look around on the internet to see what it is. Just got speedrunners(5€) and The biding of Isaac(0.50 cents seriously ^^) nothing really expensive. I may pick Arma II + operation (don't remember the name)... to get  Dayz(not the standalone), but I'm selling weapon skins from cs go, 10€ that's funny.


5€50 spent for now and I don't see any thing else interesting right now. -75% alright but If i never play them that's useless.



Fun fact from last year.

I had skyrim, looking to promotion on steam... looking for dlcs...

Dlc costed more than the legendary edition... Why? Fu.. them :lol:

I bought the legendary edition.

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My wife just asked me if I wanted her to go get a pizza, or if I wanted leftovers.


I replied leftovers.  


what was going through my mind was,  "I can use that pizza money for a steam game I want that is on sale!"    


Yeah, I can so identify with this. :D

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I'm looking at sales thinking that's a good deal and then I go check the library and the game is already there, funny.

I know that feel.. I didn't even realize that I have the game in my library..


The biding of Isaac(0.50 cents seriously ^^)

Did you brought the original?? I brought the original a month ago, and then I realize there is binding isaac rebirth a few week later....


There is one things that interest me in this sale, it's Farcry Franchise Pack, but the moment I saw:

"Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Uplay Account Required"

No Thanks!

Even if it's on 90% sale, I won't buy it.

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I'm actually extremely happy with steam. The sales are so good I actually managed to afford migrating my entire game library from pirated to steam. I feel steam gives me the ability to actually compensate the developers with the ammount I feel is correct. I also believe that steam sales proove that people pirate games not because they are assholes but because they are overpriced.

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Thats a good point.   I think there are quite a few people out there that are low income, that cannot afford to drop $60 on a game, but they can afford $10-20.  If they can get the game for what they can afford, then they have no problem supporting the developers, just within the constraints that they are able.   Just because someone is in a situation they can't help financially, does not mean they should be punished, and never have any fun.  I'm a firm believer in the fact that fun and enjoyment are just as important as eating and exercising, to a person's well being.  You just don't overdo it.


Oh well, enough of that!


Sale is over, what I got this time-


7 days to die - been watching a while, saw it for 50% off so grabbed it then.

The Forest - another I been watching and wanting to support, grabbed it when it went down to $10

Defiance DLC - got the one DLC I have been wanting for 50% because I never saw it go that low in the summer sale.

Game of Thrones RPG (NOT the new Telltale one) - I've heard it has flaws, and only good for fans of the series.  I'm a fan and it went to $6.   I can deal with that.  :)



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Uplay is not too bad, and they do occasionally give away full games, I got battlefield 2 and one of the wing commander games free from them, but yeh, its another drm program to think about, but I tend to just shut it down when not playing.

Not really, if you and your friends always has a trouble to connect to Uplay... and I believe it's not just my friends, many people has the same problem too.

I hate always-online DRM, and steam is already a DRM itself, what's wrong with those double layer of DRM??




agreed with the point 9, I have 90 games in my library... but I only played 35 of them..

I've been wondering about the people that has 1k games in their library...

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