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I want to learn to write mods, but where to start?


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Watched YouTube videos.... searched for tutorials, not sure I'm heading down the right path...


I THINK what I need to write is a quest, but it's.... well let me explain...


Someone with far better skills is already working on this in a better and more complete way, but I figured it would be good practice to get started.


I want to create a dialogue between my character and ...well... basically ANY NPC.

IF my character is female:
Interacting with an NPC adds some dialogue when you click "E" to talk to the NPC:
My character: "Are you staring at my chest?"
NPC response: "Actually, yes, sorry. Your breasts are lovely!"
My character: "Thank you! They're a bit heavy right now though."
NPC response: "I could help you with that if you'd like."
My character: "Oh, I'd like that. The relief would be welcome."
at this point I'd like to trigger a specific animation already registered with SexLab.
if NPC is Male, trigger THIS animation
if NPC is female, trigger THIS OTHER animation
IF my character is male AND NPC is female:
My character: "Pardon my staring, but your breasts are quite lovely."
female NPC: "They're a bit full and heavy, but thank you for noticing."
My character: "I can think of a way to relieve some of that weight."
female NPC: "Me too. You're in for a treat!"
trigger a specific animation already registered with SexLab
That's it in a nutshell. Would I need a QUEST to accomplish this? I'd like to practice creating a bit of back and forth dialogue and then trigger an animation. Like I said, I know this PARTICULAR situation is already being looked at (by request), but the IDEA of the dialogue with an animated result is the KIND of thing I'd like to work on to get started. Not adding object or creating NPCs, but eventually working toward more conditional responses once I get the basics. I'm interested in creating dialogue interaction with the long term vision of perhaps having a menu in MCM from which you could choose options.... for example:
"Ever played Pony Express?"
"What's that?"
"It's kind of like Post Office, but with a little more horsing around."
"Sounds interesting. Can you show me how to play?"
trigger an animation --- in the menu system you could either CHOOSE which Cowgirl animation you want to play, OR be able to have it randomly select from a few choices
Once a sufficient number of these "mini-Scenarios" are created, an MCM option to randomly select which one MIGHT show up when interacting with an NPC. 
Eventually... a library of possibilities. Would that then become a Radiant quest? (I'm not sure the definition of a radiant quest)
So.... first things first.... my initial question... where do I start? I have CK and I used it to create a follower, but I've never attempted to create interactive dialogue. 
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The tutorials will give you the basics of making a quest, since you are looking to make dialogue that part isn't too difficult. The thing you will want to look up are the various conditions on dialogue so you can exclude certain people such as children or animals, the easiest way is to check the person you are talking to is a playable race.

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I went through the quest creation tutorial and read it and it's really doing more (I think) than I need. 


If all I want to do is have the ability to talk to basically anyone I meet, do I need multiple stages? It looks like dialogue can happen in one stage. 


And in many "small quests" of this type, I've seen dialogue added and there is no reporting of completing a stage or of setting a new target, etc.


It looks like I'm at SUCH a n00bie state that I'm not even quite sure how to PLAN this :)


AND.... if I figure out how to check for playable race, what about the case where I have a follower (not an animal) whose race is not playable? I think Eryniel Elf, for example, shows up as "Eryniel Race" or something like that and she's probably not a playable race. Would you do a conditional that checks if they are in the CurrentFollower faction and if yes, skip the check for playable race?  Something like that? 


But I'm getting ahead of myself.....  stages... 

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ok, another dumb question...

When I fire up CK to try my hand at this, should I be loading any data files?


Here's why I ask...

If I load skyrim.esm and update.esm and then create a new quest, is it going to mess with the skyrim.esm and/or update.esm or will it create a new ESP based on whatever I name the mod? I just don't want to start right out by borking my game :)


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I'm no modder, but i've been looking for a good guide to modding myself, and after watching this guys first and second video I feel like I know enough to make a simple quest mod, he really did a good job explaining how dialog works and how to couple them to scripts and such, but goes much more in depth later as well. So I recommend checking it out. good luck.


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I´ve been following some tutorials on how to make a quest in CK ( the kind of quests like "meet NPC-they tell you to recover something from some cave-go, kill bandits, recover the item-return to NPC-get paid").


But, as the OP asked...how do you link an animation to a dialog ? I mean, the kind of tutorial quest I stated could be as Chajapa says: "meet NPC-greet NPC-he ask you to have some woo-hoo-LINK TO SEXLAB ANIMATION-get paid"


Is it easy? If it was easy enough, maybe more noobs like us would try and make some little mods... :lol:

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