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need some help/ advice


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I am new to this site but I have been using nexus mods for a while, so my Skyrim game contains a lot of nexus mods. The problem I am having is I can not seem to get the mods off  this site to work. I have read the installation instructions on each mod a couple of times now to see if I missed a step, I have  also watch a couple of videos on YouTube on how to install them  and to the best of my knowledge I done it correctly. I have also tried to install them using my nexus mod manger which accepted them and activated them, but when I launch my SSKE or launch the game through my mod manger nothing happens only my nexus mods appear. I according to my mod manger SkyUi_4.1_SDK is activated, I have recently updated uninsulated and reinstalled  SSKE and my Skyrim game. 



Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated



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cheers for the response I've have tried your suggestions and changed my SkyUI  and think I have found the problem it looks like a simple case of mods conflicting now.


once again thanks for the response


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