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Changing/editing/resizing hair in game


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is there a way to resize/move and or generally edit your characters hair in-game? I want to edit my khajiits hair because all of the available hair for Khajiit is either too short or too long for the khajitits head that most of the hair clips and it makes my character look balding or worse. Please any help would be welcome.

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Unlike with Oblivion, there is no mechanic to modify a hairstyle in-game.


The best you can do is either visit the face sculptor in the Ragged Flagon (assuming you have the Dawnguard plug-in), or just use the "showracemenu" command, and change the hairstyle to a different one.


That doesn't really solve your problem, if you're not liking any of the Khajiit hairstyles... have you tried searching for more hairs on the Nexus or elsewhere?

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Edit hair in-game?


I'd like to introduce you folks to Racemenu v3:



Have fun.


(Hint, only use the move brush for hairs lol0


Oh and if your using a modded hair as the base, 99% chance it's not going to work because the hair mod wasn't done right. Go bother the author to fix it or wait until Expired's workaround comes along for it. (You can read about it in that thread)

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I'm currently working on modifying XPMS Extended 2.14 to add extra sliders (about 66 so far; might change when done).  I added separate groups of sliders for hairs, Elin ears (can work on other head parts such as horns for other races), and hats/helms/hoods.  Each parts can be scaled and repositioned independently so you can have your helm and hairs too, but the results may vary depending on the shape of the headwear and the hairstyle.


The caveat?  It's for ECE.

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