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Power Armor Replacer Creation


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So I found some really cool power armors, but I rarely use Power Armor for my character. Can anyone recommend to me a good tutorial for turning the power armor I have into a replacer for BoS and Enclave? I'm playing TTW and have 9 different armors to us for the different variants.

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Okay I think perhaps you're assuming it is more complicated than it really is.


Find the formid of an armour that you wish to be replaced with one of your new ones.

CTRL + C that formid, then find the record in your replacer esp that represents the new armour you wish to use.

Once found simply CTRL+V the original formid in place of the newer one.

(I've been told of before for assuming things, but, to easily grab a formid for copying just find the record in the list pane, right click and go to 'change formid' CTRL+C it from there.)


Bingo, the newer armour will now override the record for the original and is now a replacement.

(assuming nothing lower in your load order reverts it back to the original. Rookie mistake but one that can never be discounted. lol)


This is all assuming the use of fnvedit of course, for no other reason than it is my preferred method of working with FO files.

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