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Oblivion OBSE Mod Organizer

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I have poured through the few posts and articles on this subject and cannot find a solution. I am trying to see if I can run OBSE through Mod Organizer. I am placing the correct three .dll files in the game folder but what're my problem is, is that Mod Organizer requires the game to be launched via its own interface. the solutions say to enable the setting in Steam (which has apparently changed since thee posts to community overlay) and to run the game via the steam app. In order for MO to load it's mods, the game needs to be launched through MO. This is my problem. When launched through Steam all the other mods do not load. Is there a workaround? Under the workaround tab in MO, I changed the setting to script extender, but with all this done, the problem of running the game via Steam and not MO is still the main problem.

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I use MO almost exclusively, but my version of Oblivion is not the steam version.  I have used MO with Skyrim.


Perhaps this might help.


With Skyrim, I have a desktop icon for Steam, and always log in using that shortcut, minimize steam to the taskbar, then launch MO and then the game from within MO.  For some reason, that seemed to work better than trying to launch Steam thru MO. The script extender option in the workaround tab may or may not help. Keep in mind that MO was originally written for use with Skyrim, and other game support came later. I think most of the options on the workaround tab are more for Skyrim, than other games, but could be wrong.

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Just thought of something else.


When I use MO for Skyrim, the load mechanism had steam and the app id. With my retail version MO is the load mechanism. Maybe that will help point in the right direction. If you can't find an answer anywhere, let me know, as I have seen this somewhere and could probably find it again.


 stressnaddiction, by the way, you indirectly helped my solve an issue I was having trying to get the Construction Set Extender working properly thru MO, by mentioning the script extender feature (I had forgotten about that) :cool:

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