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New Virtual World by Linden Lab


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Nothing too surprising. If they had any business sense they'd create a facebook knock-off with an in-browser 3D world instead, where your typical facebookesque games are browser-based 3D games your character plays and where the environment IS your UI. They could revolutionize social gaming if they tried that, but they're way too linear a thinker at Linden Lab nowadays also. They got used to milking the cash-cow maybe.

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There are a lot of SL clone worlds, I wonder how long it will take till their new one will get cloned, like Opensim and all the others that try to use the same software to get peoples money.


Because the end product (L-Labs) will still want people to pay for it and that wont get people to leave a virtual world where people don't have to pay and have a choice of not using L-Labs at all.


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Long time \ infrequent user of SL here. My first SL avi is from 2004. I come and go, sometimes spending a lot of time in there and sometimes not going in for a year or so. I sell some items on the Marketplace now after closing down my in-world stores and just letting the marketplace deal with it.


I've always loved the adult stuff in SL, and have been disappointed every time they've tried to clamp down on it in some way. Over the years they've made a lot of changes that affected adult content and users. If they DO make a new SL, and wow that would be fantastic, I certainly hope they have some plans to allow adult content. Like it or not, sexual content is a driving force behind a lot of technologies and early adopters. I'd hate to see them launch something really cool only to have puritan ideas tossed into it that keep people like me away. I spend the majority of my time in SL shopping, talking, making things, racing cars, etc. and very little time in adult sections, but when I want to relax and have some fun and just chill, the adult areas are where I go. If not for those areas, I'd just log off.


Fingers crossed, hoping they give us adults a place to play.

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Unfortunately the adult roleplay areas are usually pretty dead in SL. There's a few you can go to where it's like... just a big clump of sex balls/furniture and whatnot, but all I've ever wanted is to, heh, be the girl getting raped in a dark alley. But most of the "dark alley"-type places are either mega-empty or just filled with regulars sitting around chatting with each other. And the occasional poorly-made newbie avatar-guy like "hi bby asl wan sum fuk?"

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I'm not sure SecondLife and Facebook are mutually compatible to the degree required to sustain SecondLife 2.0. What I mean by that is social networking and SecondLife largely fill the same function, social interaction. Now, you would be right in accusing me of reducing SecondLife to nothing more than a glorified Facebook chat, but I'd argue that it's closer to that than the creative world LindenLabs imagined. The lack of support LindenLabs has shown for fostering creativity is evident in their ''sign-up and dump'' approach to handling new users. In fact, the creative community largely looks after their own with respect to acclimating new content creators to SecondLife. In addition to that, the technical skill required to design and build the more visually appealing structures around the grid erect a substantial barrier to users who only occasionally dabble in digital media. The corollary to this is the damage this high barrier has done to the incentive for users to create and sell. If you're not the best, why would anyone want your stuff? The only real route to go here would be unique, and that often involves catering to niche markets that aren't that good to begin with.


Ultimately, where does this leave SecondLife 1.0? It's a glorified chat room. If SecondLife 2.0 wishes to stand above the social media circus that is Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc they'll need to give us something unique, and only tangentially integrated with other media outlets.


The other option is full integration, which would spell the end of adult content as we know it.

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... the occasional poorly-made newbie avatar-guy like "hi bby asl wan sum fuk?"


haha! Yeah those guys are too much. Put some thought into your avi and hell yeah let's talk, but a newb avi with a giant free peenie? errrrr... no thanks.



Dax is that you ?

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I've been a content creator in Second Life for over ten years now.


In all fairness the path they took the grid down post 2009 and on was not functionally good for Linden Lab, nor its high volume clients. The boondoggle development of "Viewer 2", the advance of the SL Marketplace and attempting to re-model SL as a real world social network were all incredibly bad decisions that took a grid that peaked in 2009-2010 with user concurrency levels of almost 150,000 to where the grid is today, which has an average peak concurrency of less than 40,000 users.


You can also attribute their financial policies and decisions as part of their overall decline. What they charge for land ownership is outrageous. For the price I pay to maintain my sims with Linden Lab which is in the thousands of dollars range, I could host my own grid privately on colocated dedi boxes somewhere else. Also the fact that they open sourced the viewer put the entire grid at risk of asset wide content theft and there was a huge amount of that and there still is to this day, whats more, the open source viewer development project put them in the position of having people reverse engineer the server package and allowed for the diaspora of the user base to alternate grids which were charging much more realistic prices for virtual hosting.


Theres also been their heavy manipulation of the Linden dollar to maintain its average worth at exactly where they want it as compared to its actual virtual worth, which in 2015, would effectively work out to about 50% - 70% less than the market rate they currently hold the Linden dollar at.


Add in the fact that the Lab pink slipped and/or "let go" just about every technology innovator they had and drew down to an absolute skeleton crew and even outsourced their high volume client concierge support to a contract call center and...yeah I can't say the ride over the last five years has been all that great.


Unless they show me definitive design strength in this new platform which means they start abandoning the archaic technologies that have been holding Second Life locked in a technological dark age, and they make sense of how to make land ownership viable for anyone that can invest a little bit of money in their Second Life experience, the chances of attraction of new users and retaining them is extremely low.


And as someone that has literally spent the last ten years working SL as their full time job and providing content for the users, all I can say is if you can't attract and retain new users, I don't have that many people to provide content to, and if I don't have relatively stable stream of content consumers, and over the last five years that stable stream has done nothing but trend downwards in my own analytics, then the grid, even with a fancy new face, is a useless money sink for me.


LL doesn't just need new technology, it needs new ways of thinking and new approaches to business too. Hopefully Ebbe has this firmly in mind as they push into SL2's development....simply putting the current garbage in a fancier box doesn't make it any less garbage.

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VR as in that Rift garbage? Oh wow I feel so immersed with this hunk of heavy plastic from a 80's sci-fi movie on my face, oooooo it's like I'm actually there, lol. XD That crap will never be any good, it's a stupid gimmick to rip people off.


I totally agree.  I have been in SL for years. I was in sl way back when you tp'd somewhere and landed with your shoes and hair stuck to your ass.  I recently completely left sl, simply because of the lack of anything to do there, coupled with no matter where you go, there is nobody around anymore. It's a ghost town now days. I could not stand every place I went either being completely empty or maybe one to a few people there but only with their avatars on auto pilot dancing while they im back and forth.

  I started playin sims 3 again, then I got sims 4.  At least there are things to do in the sims, some goals and such to keep one busy for a little while.  But their new 3d world concept won't do it, in my opinion.  Who cares if you can see the cartoon world and avatars in a 3d kind of way?  You still need people using it and you still need things to do. 

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