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Stockings Set A


Before even trying my hand with Milkshape and Blender I started modifying textures and then making my own, is not as precise as working with vertexes, normals, morphs and whatnots but I’m sure as hell is less stressful  :P



This is a set of four stockings for female teen, youngadult and adult, they are enabled for naked, everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, career, outwear and also validformaternity. You'll find them in the accessories section. Package and sims3package included.





Honestly I think they need a little more work but for normal play they’re more than adequate.


Use them for whatever you like, in this or another games. Just give credit.









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thank you JoshQ! I love all your work so far and stockings are always appreciated. Are you using a custom nude skin you made yourself? It is also very nice! Please keep making these fantastic mods and I appreciate you sharing.

Glad you like them abovewolf!


I'm using Ephemera's "Fresh" Skintone mixed with several of Navetsea's color ramps, that way I can make femsims of all colors and flavors :D 


Those Sims though...damn! *drools*

Especially the redhead. Wow! Can't even tell those are Sims. Mods?


Thanks Darkening Demise!


Besides the skins mentioned above and Cmar's Boobs I have 1.5Gb of mods, from eyelashes to 3d nails and even teeth. I can't enumerate everything right now but I'll consider making a list with the most important.

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