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I am overwhelmed by the pure mass of mods (HELP!!!)


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hey guys i am fairly new to the whole modding Thing and im extremly bad ad it :-/
and there are so many mods out there that i have no idea what to download so it would be very nice if you guys could show me your modlist and maybe some screenshots of your game and your loadorder (i started using mod organizer)
i would really appreciate your help guys :) (and sorry for my bad english , im from Austria :D)

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Hey ! 


Welcome !


First, congrats for using MO, it's a wonderful program, a bit tricky but once you master it you can make wonders.


Second, don't forget to use BOSS or LOOT to manage your load order or you will have a lot of CTDs.


Third, here is the mod list where you can find pretty much all mods uploaded on LL forums that worth a download : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19588-sexlab-index/


Happy modding !

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Well heretic, we have no idea how much you want to mod. Hardcore modding? Or you just plan to install some simple mod?


i would go for hardcore modding :)


but before i go for all the sexlab mods or anything else i am especially interested in visual mods (so the game Looks great) ;)


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Hello, welcome!

First, it's going to depend on your rig. If you want your game to look awesome ,I would highly recommend going to the nexus and look up Realvision. Boris did a fantastic job , and gives you a step by step install.

With his install you will also get the extended memory boost and SKSE that is required for everything here. For load order I use LOOT. But that's just my preference.

Happy modding!!!

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When I first started with mods I found this topic on the Skyrim PC board at GameFAQs very helpful:




Some of the mods and information included in it might be a bit out of date now, but it's a great place to start. Have a scan through and see if there's anything that interests you, then do a bit of research into them to make sure they're up to date and what you really want. Once the basics are in place you can then get on to the juicy stuff you'll find on LoversLab. :D


And good choice with Mod Organizer. It's brilliant.

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Also check out:



For the actual mechanics of modding your game, this is amazingly helpful.  This should also address most of the visual improvements, IIRC.


After that, as you look for specific mods... the way I started out was to go on the Nexus and go to the 'Categories' list.  I clicked on each category and checked out the most endorsed items in each.  It gave me a great overview of what was available and what could be done with modding.  New character animation packs, for instance, were something that I definitely didn't go looking for at first - but I ended up spending more time on those than I did on the shiny new weapons I had expected to find.


Of course, Nexus won't give you the same kind of mods you'd find here on LL.  For those, I'd suggest starting with the Sexlab framework forum stickies - or just search for a few of your favorite things.  :)

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I can't recommend the Step Project nearly enough, especially for a beginning modder. They'll help you set up Mod Organizer nicely, and give you a good set of visual and game fix mods. Just running through their setup, and both googling and asking questions on their forum about things you don't understand will give you the tools and knowledge to begin modding to suit yourself. 


Pay particular attention to the information about game patching with TES5Edit - that tool is arguably more critical to successful modding than even Mod Organizer.

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Guest FunkyLounge

1. install and learn Mor Organizer


2. don't go around looking for what you can do to your game, you will get even more overwhelmed. Have a basic goal of what do you want and reach it. When you have the base of what you want, THEN look for extra stuff to add to your base


Otherwise you will go crazy (and probably brick your game for constant CTD's)

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MO problems? Click my sig.


Don't forget about Nexus.


You'll want to avoid any manual installations if you're using MO. If you plan on doing some SexLab modding, that's when you'll need to install SkyUI and SKSE manually.


All your mod problems are as good as solved already, now that you're a member here. ;) Also, you're likely to walk out of here a hardcore modder, even if you don't try. :D

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