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Underwear appears suddenly (Bodyslide)

Mister X

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I have an issue with the Bodyslide tool of CBBE. I've downloaded several custom armors, replacers, ... for CBBE, together with the body itself, Bodyslide 2 and XPMSE for a new game.


So, I've installed anything, and then started Bodyslide. After creating and saving my sliderset, I clicked "Build" and then "Batch Build..." for the armors.


Now, the problem is the following: I've disabled CalUndies, Nevernude, ... and all the other options with underwear, when selecting groups to assign to the sliderset and in the poup of the batch build.

Still, Cal Undies show up ingame :(

Does someone know how to fix it?


PS: The "funny" thing i, I have this issue not that long (but I can't tell anymore after which update it showed up first)

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If you can't find the outfit causing this, one way around it is this: After doing the batch build, find the body outfit you want and use the normal "Build" option for that one to overwrite the meshes with the correct ones.


If it still doesn't work, make sure the race you're using doesn't have custom body meshes, if it does, you'll have to manually copy the body meshes from meshes\actors\characters\character_assets\ to the meshes folder of your custom race. 

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In the BodySlide UI, use the group filter at the top (click the magnifying glass icon) and choose your groups.


Only select the groups of outfits you want to build. Never build the "CBAdvanced" or CBBE Body/Underwear groups.

In case an outfit addon doesn't come with its own groups, you can use the outfit filter instead of the group filter.


When you've built all outfits, select your preferred nude body/"nude" underwear and click the regular "Build" button.


If you use Mod Organizer, make sure to run BodySlide through that and also check if the place MO puts your BodySlide generated files is below the other nude replacers in your data load order.

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