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A Nifskope problem


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Hi, i have a problem that is really puzzling me.


I have just started to try modding something, so i admit to be a newbie. And so, my first experiment should have been a simple one :



Drow Race - BETA by Zazemel



What i tryed to do was simply removing the underwear from the model. Making a nude version of the non-nude made by Zazemel.


The problem is that Nifscope doesn't work. I selected the underwear and did the "remove branch" thing. But if in Nifscope it seems i success in the task, in game the underwear is still on.


What am i doing wrong?



The files i uploaded are the 2 original meshes i'm trying to edit.







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I downloaded the mod and manually installed on Skyrim data folder.


With Nifskope i open the 2 files that i have placed in data/...meshes folder, and after i modify them, i simply Save as and overwrite them.


After that, i open skyrim and load my save, but nothing changes ingame. Underwears are still on

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Ok, this is even more strange.


I discovered that i did remove the underwear...but not of the adult version of the drow race, somehow i did remove the underwear of the child version...something i wanted to avoid. I'm not a pedophile.


Following this discovery, i realized that also the other adult races have underwears. Mmm...i usually used LadyBody that was without underwear, and maybe i'm taking something for granted.


Do i need to use a body replacer like Caliente CBBE or UMP? But Drow mod is a standalone mod, so it should not be affected by UMP or CBBE.


What should i do? If editing .nif files of Drow mod only works for child body, what should i do for adult body?




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Do i need to use a body replacer like Caliente CBBE or UMP? But Drow mod is a standalone mod, so it should not be affected by UMP or CBBE.



standalone does not mean it don't load anything from vanilla race


you probably pick no nude version for unp (or cbbe or whatever it is), and this apply to that custom race


either you reinstall with the nude version, or you search for the panties nif and delete the mesh


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Im a nifscope newbee so i got to learn...yes?


I would like to have all NPS's, Companions etc to wear their weapons on back i recently insalled Dual Sheath redux an it works fine for my PC

 i thought that it would function for NPC's as well but you only have the posibillity to make NPC wearing Staves and shields on Back.


"Dual sheath redux can't do it, DSR just to display the second left weapon and relocate the sheath shield to the back, nothing more, the repositioning is a skeleton feature. To have it for all npcs you need to modify the skeleton in nifskope yourself: 


How 2 Edit the skeleton in nifskope:
Open Nifskope and modify the Strings it always goes like this
WeaponSword -> WeaponSwordDefault 
WeaponSwordLeft -> WeaponSwordLeftDefault 
WeaponSwordOnBack -> WeaponSword
WeaponSwordLeftOnBack -> WeaponSwordLeft 

All weapons have a string with Default at the end, that is not in use, it is to hide the default nodes. All weapons variants can be made analog with this way."

Quote Groovtama



But i need to be taking by the hand through this i dont know what to change.....why, where, etc


Anybody up for it...?

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