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-Tania Project- Playable Race for ECE and RM

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I am so gald that got permission from Kasprutz,thank you very much,Kasprutz!

And thanks to Alan81512 allowed me pulish this race on Nexus.



Thanks to TirexiHD for this perfect video

This is the use of the head model of Tania followers import 3ds max after making changes to the original crooked mouth and crooked nose into a symmetrical, so theoretically more perfect than the original.

Replaces ygNord race, currently supports ECE and RM, using the TRI file import deformed face, it does not change the head model, compatible with the original. (Blind eye color do not do it, nobody should be used)

The default is to use UN7B bodyand SG versions of Tania textures, add ECE-More Body Sliders increase in regulating the body's option, Tania eyebrows is the 24st , and Tania eye color to replace the broen, if you want to use the other body, please replace yourselves.

Must be installed before use RaceCompatibility, because ECE's own version is too old, so deleted


ShowRaceMenuAlternative recommended the change race will not cause loss of skills


Use KS Hairdos - 265



How to Use:

1 Slot Load-> Presets1 and makeup

Only use Skyrim default eye color

2 or load _4_commonTriRaces.slot file (Have Makeup)

Installation steps:

  1. 1. install ECE1.2 with YgNord Race
and Delete RaceCompatibility.bsa
2. install Latest version RaceCompatibility http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24168/?

3. install this mod ,and Cover all
If you use MO, ECE1.2, RaceCompatibility and Tania Project must All in one file


How to Use for RaceMenu:

Presets-> load Presets1 and Makeup

Installation steps for RaceMenu:

  1. 1. install Latest version RaceCompatibility

2. install this mod ,and Cover all


Thanks and Credits

Kasprutz Magnificat Aryes Grace for Tania the Hermit


Groovtama for the XPMSE


Hello Santa for the SG Female Textures


Septfox for the Enhanced Character Edit - More Body Sliders


tktk1 (ECE team) for Enhanced Character Edit


TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility


Visit Alan81512 on Nexus and his great work of UN7B

Visit Xuniana's workshop(tumblr)and http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/3583950/?tb=mods&pUp=1 more mod on nexus

Photos by victor0967

sorry for my English :)

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for people not familiar with ECE install, ECE has an optional race called ygNord. While RaceMenu has incorporated some of ECE sliders, it does not to my knowledge include the ygNord race, which this mod changes to look like Tania.


while i couldn't get character to look like tania in the ss, i still like the look over the default ygnord race.


thanks xuniana for sharing!

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So i install the vanilla Skyrim Legendary Edition and put this in Data folder and activate and its done? (SKSE and others install i know)

Or need another mod?  Skeleton or any textures and hair?


THX. :)


include Skeleton and textures. NO  hair

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