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  1. Hi all, So I read through the comments and it seems I have a unique problem. After males have their first orgasm with SLSO they re-dress (equip clothing) and they stay dressed for the rest of the animation. What could cause this or is there a solution to this?
  2. Hi I am not sure if it just me, but savagecabagge animations don't have cum textures applied at the end. First I thought it is because of the tags, but none of them applies the textures. Leito and the others are working fine. First I thought I need to wait for Silverperv patch to be updated, but the new version it did not change anything. please send help
  3. I know but he said you can only enable less than 5 anims that way. I would need all.
  4. Hi could you please send me the edited file with all animations enabled for all three mods (SavageCabagge BP and Atomic lust) please? Also it looks like Vadermania anims are disabled too? Is there a file for that one too where all anims enabled?
  5. Hi I am just wondering could there be an option for the follower separately - if they get defeated in combat they will be taken into an animation? Like if they go ahead and get attacked and lose in combat they would be violated even if the player character is not defeated or not fighting?
  6. hi, only texture replacer I have affecting Dogmeat. If I dismiss him does not make a difference. Disable /enable seems to do the trick, but he will resume doing this after a while.
  7. Hi people, I am not sure what is happening here but I would appreciate some help. Dogmeat kinda stuck in a crouching position and shaking his head slightly while showing his teeth. He is is moving so not exactly stuck but as soon stops running / moving he goes back to this position and it is very annoying. Is anybody knows what could (if it is mod what mod) possibly cause this? My character is not crouching.
  8. I will try again, maybe someone with some scripting experience will help me : ok so I post my problem again, maybe somebody knows the answer now as we got more people in the tread than before. So when I use this mod (using the right dll, and no other dlls are present) everything works at the beginning. After a while (like I go and clear a dungeon, go from Whiterun to Riverwood clear a dungeon or two) game script slow down like very noticeably. Mods what needs scripted elements are screwed, like bathing in Skyrim, eating /drinking animation, SL. They have a couple seconds del
  9. Thank you for the in depth answer I would be really cool tho.
  10. I was wondering could you implement the leaks and squirts effects too? Then we would not need to use a patch which messing with the xmls and stuff at all.
  11. is it compatible with wash out that cum? Is it possible to set up that way that overlays stay on until they washed off?
  12. Thank you..uhh I am not a scripter :S I hoped just magic effect needs to be changed in CK.
  13. So I seen this comment: Oh, it can kill on Master difficulty. Either he was essential (which I doubt - I'm sure I've killed him a couple of times), or he had too much health. In the current version, the base damage is 20x4 sec. = 80pt total. That's probably not enough for average NPCs. With the Succubus curse it is 50x4 sec., which will kill many. With Sanguine's favor as well, the damage is 100x4 sec., which should kill most targets below the level 25 Bandit Marauder. If I would like to modify the Drink Soul base spell damage in CK so it would be po
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