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[Sims 4] - Basic Pubic Hair Tattoos in 4 Styles / 10 Colors


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I have been working on these since day dot and have finally got them to the point where I am happy enough to share them with the simming universe. These tattoos are cloned from the lower back tramp stamp tattoo. I'm no genius when it comes to the swatches so they are a bit basic and may take a bit of experimenting to find the exact pubes you want. Sorry 'bout that.


I used a random shaved nude skin detail I found on the net for the screen shots but will say outright that  MAJESTIC'S shaved female skin works great, especially with the tuft style. Things just line up well if y'know what I mean. ;)


Anyway, this is only my second upload ever of any content for any game so enjoy. My first upload exists on MTS and is a recreation of the Faith Connor's tattoo from Mirror's Edge. <shameless self-promotion I know>


Happy simming,



PS -  Please do not upload my stuff to any other sites, especially not those vultures at Sims4Forums. I have a pack of Dire Chinchillas waiting to be unleased upon those who steal my shit. You have been warned!



<edited to fix my horrible spelling and add another style to the file>




Thumpbunny's Pubic Hair Basics.7z


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hmm it look very nicely  but i do wonder if they are able to be not depend on the head hair color? 

blond orange hair my char has  on head but  prefere black public hair on bottom part 


if do understand what i mean my english is bad^^


they look nice  im not complainning  just have question :)

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This is a really great start!!! My problem: I extract the mod into my mods folder, use the cas.fulleditmode cheat and add the bush I want to my Sim, and then when I click the checkmark to save and go back into the game, it just gets stuck on the loading screen endlessly. I haven't been able to get into the game yet using this. Thoughts?





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yes the endless loading screen i have too hmm i did google this is a very known issue yet almost every player get it by soon i hope on a fix   :(


sadly i can not try this mod addon on this site since my game still not want load my last save  grr  really not want to start a new game^


but this mod seem nice i like natural apperance on body 

i been were wondering why everyone want shaved yet i glad i have find ur mod  but my game is putting a cross between^^


excuse me my bad english plz :)

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In Game Options -> Graphics there is a checkbox to use Uncompressed Sim Textures. Try ticking that box and see if that helps.


Also if you use the cas.fulleditmode cheat and edit the sim from the Household Management menu instead of in-game it may help.


I have had a few infinite loading screens myself both before and after I made these so I really don't have a clue what causes it. I have read on a few posts that turning off online mode can help and also that bad content in the tray folder can also cause this issue.

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First time using mods let alone changing them, I took the forest version and made it a full on pre-80's style bush. You know the type, run wild but keep it off the legs and whatnot. Thanks Thumpbunny, my game is going to be crazy now! I would like to try something more advanced now and change the thing is shows up in CAS as, mostly for the minor annoyance of having to turn her around everytime I select it.

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