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MO - Will it overwrite?


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Well, I got myself Mod Organizer yesterday and managed to move over all my mods I have installed so far. But now I'd like to get the XPMS skeleton from this forum, which requires Realistic Ragdolls and forces.


Thing is, I have UNPB installed with it's own skeleton files 'cause I selected the option when I installed the mod.


Can I just strap on the ragdolls and XPMS extended skeleton in the correct order or do I have to manually change something?

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I think you can just overwrite the UNPB included skeleton with the latest XPMSE skeleton you're wanting to you use. Maybe run FNIS if you're getting deforming bodyparts. Just do a bit of trial and error with the load priority of the 3 mods; MO is great for optimizing stuff like this without breaking your game.

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When a mod shows a + sign it means it's logically overwriting a file from another mod while a - shows that it's being overwritten, a grey lightening bolt means that all it's files are being overwritten, again logically not literately. You can right click a mod and check to see which files are being overwritten from which mods. 

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Just install UNPB, then ragdolls, then the new skeleton (in that order in the left pane). You can drag and drop files into higher or lower positions to change what "overwrites" you get....which are really over"reads" since there's no REAL overwriting taking place.


MO is a great tool to have and use. I won't go without it.

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