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Being caught in Sexlab Defeat


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So after the bandits have their way with my PC and it says I have been bound, it says try to escape but i can't move. I am just a noob with the sexy mods here but how do I escape or can I turn off the being bound. What I want to happen is that I get caught, raped and devious devices applied then the bandits send me on my way. 

Is that experience possible to set up? 


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Does sound like submit.   Are you hogtied on your side on the ground?  If so it's submit, you use whatever key is setup for submit in the mcm for action key to attempt to get loose.   Sounds like you don't want auto submit on in the MCM settings.  I think if you turn that off or set it's health threshold lower than any other rape/bondage mods then they'll take priority over submit and kick in.

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The best thing is re-installing the Submit and this can be done by loading a previous savegame; the one that has not installed submit. Else try to change the submit hotkeys; I'm still not sure if this is Defeat or Submit.
Just one question though: Can Defeat and Submit mod be installed together. Will this cause the game to crash?
Because i'm experiencing these kind of problem and have to reload the game over and over again. :/


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