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Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit Cbbe tbbp

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hello, its been a while, with school and all, but i managed to make this convertion this morning after finding and remembering how much i liked this outfit. I converted Backsteppo's DC Sorceress outfit to cbbe tbbp , with belly node added. I am including a download for the converted outfit itself, and not just the Bodyslide presets, since they have stated that it is totally cool to do conversions and post them on other sites, as long as I credit him, which i am. i just converted the armor, they actually made the thing.


Any who, you will need the following if you are using Bodyslide method:


The actual bodyslide2 program by Caliente



The original armor by Backsteppo:



The cbbe body by Caliente:



for tbbp physics, an tbbp skeleton is needed. Any will do, but here is the link the one i use:



HDT physics allow for bouncing to happen based on teh Havic engine and not a animaton loop:


there are several hdt mods with there own settings out there, so this you can pick out on your own for your own taste (subtle bounce/3ft movement bounces)




If you just want the armor, i used CT77 normal body based on ChronnoTrigger77's body, b/c like it a lot. It doesn't actually differ too much from the original cbbe v3 settings.




Just download, open up the 7-zip file, drop the bodyslide one on Calientetools, and the outfit into your Data folder..


If there are any question or w/e, comment on the post, i like to hear feedback.



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You sir are my hero. I been wanting to use this outfit for months, but sadly I had never seen a CBBE conversion. So thank you very much for this!

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Unfortunately i don't know how to do that. What i usually do is use a wig mod like Apachii's or Minou's to cover up the baldness. Usually works pretty well. Here's  a link for Apachi's.

Minou's is somewhere on this website, but you need HDT for their wig mod to work right.

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Ah, yes, the wig solution. Just to let out a breath of despair seeing as my CK crashes on me on a fresh install when loading mod plugins, I really wonder why mod-makers put up mods with screenshots that show their headgears have hair and not actually support the feature. If I remember the CK correctly since FO3, it's merely a matter of setting which stuff on the biped model to show/not show. :s


Still, great refit! I use the same body so it's perfect. Are you planning on making other CBBE TBBP/BBP conversions?

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When using CK, you don't have to load all your mods, just the ones you want to effect w/e you are working on. If you want to add hair to the hat, I believe you load all the original Skyrim.esp and downloads, the hair mod, and this outfit mod.Or just use the regular hair. It has been a while since i last used CK...


Yes, I have notice some people fail to name required mods with their mods, that is why I am as detailed as possible on the requirements on how to get it working, and check to see if anything was left out.


I have a few outfits loaded on this site already, and already done all my installed armor on my game, so that i haven't loaded yet, do to the fact that the ortginal creators of the outfit either allow no conversion at all or not allow to post it to other sites, but basically i do ones that are simple to do or single outfits and have given free permission to do w/e, and when free time allows. I'm doing TM BallGown next, since it looks simple.

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Oh, wow are those gowns' skirts moving with HDT? :exclamation:  I haven't looked at the videos but I guess it isn't since it's not mentioned. BTW, that ENB noted at the description, is it very taxing performance-wise? I've tried TrueVision but my 60fps gets cut down to 20~fps constant even without AA on :-/ . My rig can handle the game without the ENB, all max at constant 60fps.


On a side note, yes, I pretty much know how to run the CK, it's just that mine crashes upon loading a mod's esp. It didn't crash earlier for some reason, but I just can't seem to make hairs show with DC Sorceress' hat on. I've tried setting the entire hat as a circlet (let the clipping happen if it will) and all others unticked/unhighlighted, but it just doesn't work. I still get a baldie/razorhead under the hat which is really a pain.


Tried the same with other mods this time with a hood like that Dark Disciple standalone but I just can't make it work. Maybe it's because there's no individual biped slot for a hat so it goes into the hair slot. Even if I get a wig to fill the long hair slot, it's just assigned for showing the back part of the hair (no bangs and sideburns lols).


Conclusion, maybe I'll have find a way to attach an existing hair mesh into the hat itself wig-style. Mmm...  :dodgy:

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Oh, no, the gowns don't flow with HDT, that is something WAY beyond by sklll, the HDT is to let the boobs and butt bounce around with havic physics instead of it being an animation loop. As for ENB, i didn't link one? I don't personally use one b/c my rig is kinda dated, so use HIAlgoBoost, which i guess is an ENB? All my settings are for performance graffics so i can fight 10 people without the game CTD on me.


Hair to hat, nice.

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Sorry about that, I meant to say on the TM BallGown conversion that you linked, there's this recommended ENB mod on the description page. I just assumed you were using it silly me.

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good work, but I only use the CHSBHC version. :)



is something sexier, you can see the nipples a little. :P


this is just a fun. :lol:


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you can craft the outfit or use console commands to get it.


if you type   help sorceress    in the console command, which brings up a list and you can get the items by then typing    player.additem xxxxxxxxxx 1    the xxx being the corresponding number for the item, and the one gives you 1 of that item, or you can change it to however many you want by changing it to 2, 5, 10, w/e.

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Hmm, sadly I'm having terrible clipping issues with this outfit after bodysliding it. I'm using the I Love Cleavage CBBE body which isn't really too different from the default curvy but from what I can see, the butt part of the skirt really caves in when crouching and the left knee tears out of the front part. I've succeeded in attaching my choice of hair via Outfit Studio onto the hat and voila! Hat with a wig that adjusts to my hair color :D


Wish I could do something about the outfit itself though. Exponentially increasing mesh on the clipping parts will make it no less than a balloon skirt and break it. As for the shoes, it seems that the ankles are broken for me, i.e. the ankles don't match with the feet, maybe something with the size. Weird as I didn't change the ankle sliders from the base 100.  :s

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