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Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit Cbbe tbbp v1

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About This File

hello, its been a while, with school and all, but i managed to make this convertion this morning after finding and remembering how much i liked this outfit. I converted Backsteppo's DC Sorceress outfit to cbbe tbbp , with belly node added. I am including a download for the converted outfit itself, and not just the Bodyslide presets, since they have stated that it is totally cool to do conversions and post them on other sites, as long as I credit him, which i am. i just converted the armor, they actually made the thing.


Any who, you will need the following if you are using Bodyslide method:


The actual bodyslide2 program by Caliente



The original armor by Backsteppo:



The cbbe body by Caliente:



for tbbp physics, an tbbp skeleton is needed. Any will do, but here is the link the one i use:



HDT physics allow for bouncing to happen based on teh Havic engine and not a animaton loop:


there are several hdt mods with there own settings out there, so this you can pick out on your own for your own taste (subtle bounce/3ft movement bounces)




If you just want the armor, i used CT77 normal body based on ChronnoTrigger77's body, b/c like it a lot. It doesn't actually differ too much from the original cbbe v3 settings.




Just download, open up the 7-zip file, drop the bodyslide one on Calientetools, and the outfit into your Data folder..


If there are any question or w/e, comment on the post, i like to hear feedback.



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