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How do I make a sticky topic


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When responding to the threads here members can always check their previous post and go back almost a year and see any responses to post made. They can also follow the thread for those that really want to know something has been posted. Both are very useful. Stickys however as Endgameaddiction stated are only something that staff can do. Depending on the nature of the post they might just do it for you, however for the most part they avoid such things where ever possible.

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Guest endgameaddiction

Yeah, the best thing is just to tick the -follow this topic- button up on the top right. That will give you a notice where the bell icon is on the top part of the web page. The more topics you follow the more notices you will get whenever someone posts in that topic. There is no limit to how many topics you can follow.

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If the OP desires the first, second or third post etc to give updates and other info that he/she feels aren't really part of the main OP.. Create a new one. Clear out the info from the old one with a simple post on the thread for moderators to please delete this thread perhaps an explanation. Please don't PM them for this. They have lots of work and they will eventually get to that thread and do normal maintenance.


for example I was working on a thread and the info needed to be changed massively. It wasn't going to work and the responses below the OP was going to confuse anyone that read it. So I changed the title to "please ignore" deleted the info in the OP and then asked for a delete because of changes in info. New post here.  ( the last part was for those that were following the current thread). If someone does loose the link on your thread they can always click on the users name. Go to their profile and check "files" this will show the files that the mod author is using. Regular threads however this really don't apply.


In a day or so it was deleted. Same goes for locking a thread for reference. Just put a simple sentence on the top and request a lock. I would also put the request on the last thread of the post  with any forward links to the new post if applicable.


It should be done in a couple of days to a week or so. If not then perhaps PM a moderator that you know well ;). Explain the situation and request then. The last step shouldn't really happen. The moderators here are really on top of their ball and look through all the threads on a regular basis.

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