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  1. I been on their shuttle a dozen times with no luck. Not allowing myself to get raped though.
  2. Good grief. But, the dedication is impressive.
  3. Where'd your get the video card? Been looking for a new one for a bloody year.
  4. You need a follower mod that allows multiple followers. I use AFT, not Immersive AFT which I have no idea what it is.
  5. Agreed on all counts, but I don't know if I'll have the time. Busy on another big mod atm.
  6. Fucking agreed. She is so pathetic and self centered.
  7. @doc902902 Please do us all a favor and put these big images you are uploading behind a spoiler. It takes a fucking LONG time to download them before the page becomes responsive. I am not going to waste my time visiting this thread until yours are no longer on it. Life is too short.
  8. I can't multitask at all. Every interruption cost me 15 minutes minimum. I get into a zone when I focus and getting out of that zone is bad for me. That's why I love these forums. I can work and then visit here when it won't interrupt me.
  9. Way more fun on your own sailboat and in WARM water.
  10. Well, not a masochist, but was curious why their videos were not available here. I guess someone somewhere did not want a bunch of people pulling out their hair and smashing their eardrums. I definitely agree with your assessment (apologies to those who might actually like this).😜
  11. Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
  12. I love sailing. There is nothing quite like moving through the water with NO NOISE, complete silence when you have one of those rare days where the wind is between 10 and 14 knots. There is nothing more exhilarating than blasting forward driving your bow underwater as you slide down the face of a wave with a 35 knot tail wind. Then, there is nothing quite as miserable as turning around in that same 35 knot wind and bashing into those same waves with them drenching you every 30 seconds or so and the waves wash down the deck and back into the cockpit, especially knowing that you are tacking back and forth and only making half the speed forward that you would make with the wind toward the back.
  13. The Nexus version has lots of missing content. Do not use that. The Sexlab version should be identical in content to the FG one. I use the FG one so I don't have to screw with setting up and getting rid of all the Sexlab animations I can't stand. On the other hand, the FG version has some I don't like and I have to option to remove them without modifying the FG scripts. So, Sexlab would be my choice for a complete play-through where you are going to keep the Slaves of your choice through the game.
  14. Very nice. First time I have heard this, thanks.
  15. And finally on Jimmy Buffet, for those of you past 40, here is your ballad. You may have had to sail a lot and lost a fortune to fully feel it, but it has something for all of us in those melancholy times.
  16. And while I am on Jimmy Buffet, here is one of my favorites:
  17. I am not much of a country fan and Jimmy Buffet doesn't do many, but this one is pretty fun to listen to when you are on your third glass of wine.
  18. High quality cinnamon roll dough has the exact texture of natural breasts. So, I am required to fondle breasts from time to time just so I can remember what it is supposed to feel like.
  19. I love boobs too. They are a particularly useful in judging the correct texture of cinnamon roll dough.
  20. This is absolutely so sad I almost want to cry. Most of us probably miss our extended families, I know I do. Big sad hugs.💔
  21. Wow, amazing. This song hit me in the heart on so many levels. I bet I am not alone. Thanks for sharing.
  22. LOLOLOL. You can't hate this, it is way to fucking stupid.😜
  23. I can help you with this, but it will have to wait till tomorrow if no one else comes to the rescue tonight.
  24. Jeez lotus the angel, you know me well enough to know that I don't currently have much time for TV. Maybe I should make some.
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