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penis display settings per animation

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I have one animation that works with set xloverspkrquest.chinupo set to -1,


but  there are other animations that I want to keep my character's default lower and not equip a penis/strapon that will not use the -1 setting,


some inis refer to it as an old setting, is there a way to re enable the setting for other animations?

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What ?   ? set xloverspkrquest.chinupo set to -1 ? Do you use the console ?

I don't understand ! You want your Default lower Body ? Or you want a penis/strapon lower Body ?

You can set all in the Lovers Settings: spell "Sexual Exploits (Lovers Settings)" No ini needed or console commands.

 choose the lower Body you want(futa or strapon), choose use additinal Animation(not only the Default 10), choose attacking women grow (use futa or strapon), .....

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Yes, I forgot to say it was an ini setting that I altered, and that I'm having trouble with the -1 setting,


 Should I maybe just set it to 4 and then remove the biped flags of the associated clothing item in tes4edit for it to act as nothing(like a token), if my issue with the -1 setting continues be an issue?




come to think of it , some of the animations I'm trying to alter are from daedra sutra(both pre and post animated penis), could there be some errors in those inis?

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-1 in the ini setting means no lower body is used by LAPF, just your default mesh. from what i remember.


Some ini's are just recycled from older animations not sure if they where ever properly set for the newer animations types. Also some of those settings no longer works for the newer animated penis.

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