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Need assistance in getting kit-bashed made mesh file to work.


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Oh mesh gurus HEAR MY PLEA! OK so I made a neat looking set of dragon-bone gauntlets using nifskope and outfit studio. They load just fine in either program, yet when I try to load it in Skyrim or CK it crashes. I'm not stranger to kit bashing armor, but this one is the first one not to work for me.


I've tried setting the BSDismemberSkinInstance to its appropriate value for each mesh as well as adding the appropriate weights. I even tied extra stuff like using the "Make All Skin Partitions" in nifskope or rebuilding the BSDismemberSkinInstances in OS then reassign the correct values back in nifskope. I know which meshes are causing the problems (all the stuff I added) but I want them to all work.


This is driving me nucking futs man! If anyone wants to look at the suspect mesh and fix it (please? :blush:), you need only look into the attachments below.


Please mesh gurus, your my only hope!


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Neither as this was mostly made though nifskope then refined through Bodyslide 2's Outfit Studio (since I could never get 3DSMax or blender to work properly on my pc). Been making kit-bashed armors this way with no problem until now.


EDIT: Edited the Nitrishapedata entries as suggested, still nada.

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After taking a look at it in 3dsmax,


Your missing BSdismemberments for a bunch of the shapes, which IDK if you can mix and match having some shapes have a dismember with an explicit slot value and the rest defaulting to NiSkinData (what you get when you skin an object and don't convert it to the BSdismember type and assign it slot values.)


The skinning looks absolutely terrible, and I feel like the main problem why this mesh is crashing for you is because you have an unweighted vertex somewhere.


I suggest if your going to be doing stuff like this somewhat frequently, to stay away from using OS and instead use blender or 3dsmax, which are a lot easier to use and nicer after you get over the inital setup time and day or two of learning how proper 3d modelling programs are laid out.

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