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Tutorial request HDT + Bodtslide


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     I have asked around a little bit for more information about how to make something like this happen, but i have not been able get a clear response in a form that i can understand and complete.


     here is the problem:

     you have found or created the most awesome item EVAR! but the only thing lacking is that there is one little part here that would take the item to a whole level plane of existence if only it were flappity and had HDT physics applied to it.  it isnt terribly difficult to make a flappity bit flappity, but its not adjustable in bodyslide afterwards.  so, after you have created your saintly and transcendent item with flappity bits bouncing joyously to the effects of HDT physics, you decide the butt is too big (or too small, I'm not one to judge), so, you run it throuhg bodyslide and all the rigging and painting to the new bones you had to make for the flappity bits gets removed.  of lets say you want to share this higher level piece of flappity gear,  but no one likes the tiny butt or modest boobs...  they cant adjust it either without losing all the flappity-ness.  unless they want to re-apply it on their own.


     i realize, ofc, that this may not be a "one size fits all" sort of thing and that groovetama and xpms are probably busy with all the other custome skeleton requests im sure they get.  not to mention that all the brilliant people who created bodyslide 2 most likely have full time jobs basking in the glory their creation has brought them...  but, i think this is an area of armor modding that is being under utilized.


before this gets to be TL;DR here are my requests:


  1. instruction on how to edit a skeleton so it can be used in bodyslide 2 without the armor ending up looking like the pig-beast from galaxyquest afterwards.  since xpms is now the default bs2 skeleton...  maybe the instructions can explain how to edit that one to account for the new flappity bones. AND/OR...
  2. instruction on how to create slider files for the armor (and flappity bits) without using OS.  this is something stuffed_bunny suggested to me when i was asking around a while back...  but i do not know how to do that without using OS.  that is why i think OS and BS2 are so fantastic.  AND/OR...
  3. instruction on any other method that would accomplish the same end goal without requiring a degree in programming or game design or graphical arts... and can be accomplished by the typical end user.


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Getting HDT moveable armour and stuff to be bodyslideable is sort of 'ridiculous' due to the fact that currently physics must be tailored to the specific mesh and bone structure of the object.


So in essence, for you to change say for example the length of a cape, for perfect and ideal movement to also be retained, you must extend by the same amount you would need to extend the bone lengths equally, extend the rigid bodies equally and maybe edit the constraint values to new settings and any other static collisonable shape items.


As for making stuff bodyslideable without having to painfully go through and use OS, I've been making a script to export and import directly from 3dsmax, however this first version is missing a lot of stuff and in hindsight is very far from the most efficient and user friendly way I could have made it (which is why I'm making a rewrite of it and hoping to finish it sometime soon)



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i dont think you quite understand what im getting at...


i just need to know how i can get the armor to pass through OS intact.  probably means making my own skeleton edits for each piece.  once through OS and once all the sliders are made, there shouldnt be an issue for the users.  all the rigging info would be in the base item used by BS to create the high and low weights.


so, like i said i need a tutorial on how to create my own skeleton.  of the stuff that stuffed bunny said here...  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24246-bodyslide-20-and-outfit-studio-out-now/?p=815620

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