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skyrim & superfetch


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superfetch is a lovely windows service that caches commonly used files for reasons of "program loading acceleration" & "performance maintainance".


skyrim's runtime is included in the superfetch index, so superfetch will cache commonly used textures, meshes, bsa's and any other file the tesv.exe program loads during runtime.


while it is not recommend that you disable superfetch entirely, as your internet explorer may load a little slower, disabling superfetch definately decreases skyrim load times especially if you've just turned on your computer.


so if you're running windows 7 or 8, consider temporarily disabling the superfetch service before you load skyrim, so that skyrim can simply load what it needs from disk without windows getting in the way saying 'wait, i've already loaded that for you'... and skyrim says 'i know but i want to load it myself' ... and windows says 'oh' and its that 'oh' that takes ages...while windows uncaches the file and allows skyrim to load it directly.


which is why, after your computer has been chugging away caching all its ram full of performance enhancing features, your skyrim is likely to crash when loading, so restart your computer, temporarily disable the superfect process and start skyrim.

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If you're using an SSD or simply prefer to have stable data transfers, indexing and any kind of "memory enhancement" (including any kind of fetch or temp swapping utilities/apps) via windows should 86'd at the nearest opportunity.


For the small increase in internet recall speeds and external page loading, you are unnecessarily thrashing the shit out of your storage for no appreciable benefit, and any game that relies on static state loading in addition to streaming will hitch, even if you don't notice it.

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